We’re so excited to bring you this special episode of Finding Brave which celebrates two big milestones that I am very proud of. Firstly, we’re celebrating 5 years of continuous publication of this show and, secondly, reaching over 500,000 downloads! And we’re thrilled to be ranked in the top 1.5% of over 3 million podcasts globally and to consistently list in the Top 100 Apple Career Podcasts all over the world.

I am so grateful to all our amazing guests who have provided so much thought-provoking and informative content that enriches our lives, careers, and relationships. Today, you’ll hear brief excerpts of the top 20 most popular episodes of the show since its inception. I hope you love them and find them thought-provoking and enriching, in your life, work and pursuits.

I’m very grateful to you, our wonderful listeners, who’ve been so supportive and encouraging over the past years.

Thank you again for all your interest and support of the show. It’s been a true joy to bring it to you. I and my wonderful team send our deepest thanks, and we look forward to the next five years together! Here’s to Finding Brave in your life every day!


Key Highlights From This Episode: 

  •   Bestselling author Joseph Grenny explains why “80% of the problem (in communication) is pre-verbal.” [01:48]
  • Why #1 vocal coach Cheryl Porter encourages you to believe in yourself without a doubt. [03:22]
  • The vital importance of distinguishing between a job and a calling with Kathy Caprino. [05:05]
  • How to turn your “mess into a message” and what has to happen first, according to success coach Anthony Trucks. [07:16]
  • How learning to let go of the future can become a superpower in your life, with futurist April Rinne. [08:47]
  • What it means to #1 Communication Coach Dorie Clark to build a “portfolio career”  and why that’s essential for success today. [11:00]
  • Why forgiveness expert Dr. Fred Luskin believes that you limit yourself when you take things “too personally.” [12:58]
  • Jason Marc Campbell explains why, in your sales, professional and business growth endeavors, you must not ever compromise on your true mission. [15:06]
  • Five essential steps to take when you want change in your career with Kathy Caprino. [16:08]
  • Top 100 Financial Advisor George Grombacher on the unforced errors you might be making in your personal finances. [18:18]
  • How Simple Courage founder Heather Hubbard believes experimentation propels us  forward like no other action can. [20:45]
  • Why Brave By Design founder Laura Khalil stresses that 30% of people won’t like you and how understanding that fact frees us. [22:11]
  • The importance of recognizing and understanding “privilege” as unearned benefits, with  coach and author Karen Catlin. [23:19]
  •   Financial coach Catherine Morgan’s strategy for relinquishing guilt and shame around money. [25:13]
  •   How self-help guru Amy Morin defines mental strength and views it as a choice. [27:32]
  •   What Chief Storyteller Tony Vlahos means when he says your story must “have soul.” [28:34]
  •   Three aspects of a worthy goal, according to author Michael Bungay Stanier. [30:05]
  •   Entrepreneur Wendy Pease on the differences between men and women in business. [32:26]
  •   Why we need to resist some aspects of socialization in order to avoid mediocrity as explained by human performance expert Dr. Nate Zinsser. [33:25]
  •   Advice for finding clarity through experience, from performance coach Stu Massengill. [35:02]


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

186: How to Have Those Difficult But Crucial Conversations With Friends and Colleagues, with Joseph Grenny

187: #1 Vocal Coach on How to Pivot Your Creative Business and Soar, with Cheryl Porter

190: Free Audio Chapter 6 of The Most Powerful You: Losing Sight of Your Thrilling Dream for Your Life

192: Making A Powerful Identity Shift That Will Elevate Your Life, with Anthony Trucks

193: Using a “Flux” Mindset To Better Navigate The Future, with April Rinne

194: How Being A Long-Term Thinker Will Improve Your Life and Career, with Dorie Clark

195: How to Forgive Someone When You Feel You Can’t, with Dr. Fred Luskin

196: How to Sell With Love (and Love Doing It), with Jason Marc Campbell

197: The 5 Biggest Blunders Career Changers Make

198: What’s Really Holding Us Back From Earning and Having Exponentially More Money, with George Grombacher

201: Are The Stories You’ve Been Told Supporting or Suppressing You? with Heather Hubbard

202: Build Greater Business Success By Answering Three Key Questions, with Laura Khalil

204: How To Be a Better Ally at Work And Build an Inclusive Culture, with Karen Catlin

205: How To Build Financial Wellbeing Into the Heart of Your Life and Work, with Catherine Morgan

207: How to Build the Mental Strength You Need To Reach Your Great Potential, with Amy Morin

209: How to Tell a Riveting True Story About Who You Are and Why That Matters, with Tony Vlahos

210: How to Begin Doing Something That Matters, with Michael Bungay Stanier

211: Stepping Out From Corporate Life to Entrepreneurship By Buying a Business, with Wendy Pease

212: How Confidence Is the Key, and How You Can Get It, Build It, and Keep It, with Dr. Nate Zinsser

218: Find Your Direction and Fall In Love With What You Do, with Stu Massengill


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“If you believe in yourself enough in the beginning, those people who believe in you will come along. Sometimes, you have to wait for them but you’re not going to find them if you don’t believe in yourself in the beginning.” — Cheryl Porter [0:04:14]

“We are so caught up in needing to control THE future as we want it to play out that we actually miss all the different possible futures that may play out and how you might contribute to one of those.” — April Rinne [0:09:20]

“If you’re mission-driven, if you’re an impact-driven entrepreneur, then every time you discount yourself, you’re limiting the potential energy you can reinvest within your business.” — Jason Marc Campbell [0:15:31] 

“One of the lessons that I learned very early on in business is – 30% of people are just never going to like you.” — Laura Khalil [0:22:31] 

“Mental strength is a choice. It’s all about what you choose to do every day [and] getting control of the way you think, feel, and behave.” — Amy Morin [0:28:12] 

“The way you get clarity in your life is through experiencing, not thinking.” — Stu Massengill [0:36:26]


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