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“What you want to understand is that before you leap you need to take action to address what is making you so miserable. If you don’t do that, you are going to wake up two years later in the new career and you’re going to be having the same problems.” – Kathy Caprino 

I haven’t released a solo episode on the podcast in some time, but I want to take this opportunity today to talk about something that is so relevant for the people I speak with each day in the career coaching and training work that I do. In this episode, I share the 5 biggest blunders career changers make, and I have to admit that I have made each one of these mistakes myself, which is why I can speak to how easily they can happen if we’re not aware of them and making the right decisions and choices.

These blunders are costly and take a tremendous toll on your self-esteem, confidence, and your hopes and visions for the future. But there is a way to avoid these career change mistakes, and it starts with remembering that you are an amazing individual with so many important gifts, talents and capabilities to share. The question is how to get on the path to leveraging these talents and abilities in ways that are going to authentically fit who you really are, and what you want for your life, your family and your livelihood. 

Listen in for a full look at the 5 biggest career change blunders and stay to the end as I reveal the 5 essential steps to take when you want change of any kind, in your career and in any area of your life. As always, thank you for listening, and as always, please do let me know if the information I share today helps you navigate these particularly challenging and ever-changing times we find ourselves in right now.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • What is “The Pendulum Effect” that creates havoc in our careers, and examples of the ways that I and others have suffered from it [4:02]

  • Why I believe that this is such a common mistake people make, and what to understand before you decide to make a career change [7:24]

  • Why it’s essential to have sound financial transition plan in place before you pivot or change careers [10:31]

  • How having a firm understanding of (and physically “trying on”) the actual work and tasks you’ll be engaged in in the new career will benefit you in the long run [15:03]

  • Why doing functional tasks and work you enjoy is not enough to bring you career happiness and success if you can’t support the strategies, tactics and values of your company and work culture [16:43]

  • Examples of times that I didn’t “dig deep enough” to understand what I really wanted and needed in my own career, and why I want you to avoid this costly blunder [18:47]

  • How the trap of believing that success will be instant and automatic for you will be detrimental to you and your career journey [26:19]

  • A powerful 5-step process to engage in if you wish to make any type of significant change in your career (and life) [30:15]

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“Fix, strengthen and change what is broken now, before you leave [your current position]. I promise you it will allow you to be a stronger, more energetic match to the better thing that you want.” [10:11]

“If you are not behind the strategies, tactics, and outcomes that your company is putting out, then you’re not going to be happy, even if you’re doing functional work that you like.” [16:43]

“You’ve got to dig deep to look at what you really want and need in your career. Will it make you the money you want, and will this full-time professional directly be what you want, or would it serve better as a hobby?” [22:38]

“What I see is that people are often not putting in the work. They’re giving up too quickly. You’re not going to have the success that you want if you just throw in the towel when it gets hard.” [26:39]

“Plan for a commitment to making a change, and don’t underestimate that it will take time, money, and energy.” [29:54]

“Get that empowered perspective before you try to move forward, because if you’re coming from a place of disempowerment, the whole process isn’t going to go well.” [32:12]

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