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“There are things you want for yourself. You do deserve abundance, and if you’re selling in this way while caring about the impact [you’re making], you should be the one that attracts the most energy. This energy can be in the form of money, or whatever currency is most valuable to you.” – Jason Marc Campbell 

What emotions emerge for you when you hear the words “sales” or “selling” or when you think of having to engage in sales for your own business or services? The act of selling often has a poor reputation, but the people who lose most from this mindset are good folks selling great products and services. Today’s Finding Brave expert guest helps us fundamentally shift the way we view sales by approaching the process with love, which will allow you to generate more sales than you ever thought possible, in ways that feel authentic and right to you. 

Jason Marc Campbell is the author of the upcoming book on Selling with Love. He interviews thought leaders from around the world on topics of leadership, team building, communication, productivity and more. He is a public speaker who’s shared the stage with the likes of Gary V, Jason Silva, Vishen Lakhiani, Lisa Nichols and more. Jason is also the host of The Superhumans at Work Podcast from Mindvalley, which I’ve had the great pleasure of joining.

His mission is all about teaching companies to care more. As businesses have so much power in our world, if we can educate businesses and business leaders to take on more responsibility on how they sell, how they market, how they treat their employees and how they invest their money, we start shifting the planet to a better place for all.

In this episode, Jason reveals the real reasons why most of us have resistance to selling, and how to remove those blocks once and for all. As he shares, once you identify and understand the 5 loves of selling, it will fundamentally shift how you view this topic forever.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • How Jason’s journey led him to the niche he now serves [5:18]

  • A better way to engage in outreach to potential clients, and how to follow-up with respect [11:28]

  • Why he believes that selling with love is all about the energy you have while doing it [16:33]

  • The missing piece of selling that salespeople need to be aware of, but so often overlook [17:32]

  • A breakdown of the 5 loves of selling [18:24]

  • What can occur when you allow yourself to be prosperous in your work that is serving the world [20:15]

  • The dangerous impact of discounting your services when selling [23:31]

  • How to spot a salesperson that doesn’t operate from the 5 loves of selling, or hasn’t found them yet [35:46]

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“The process of selling is understanding human psychology, understanding that we are emotional creatures, and understanding that’s the language that needs to be spoken to get people’s attention, which is the hardest currency to access today.”  [17:02] 

“People that are in sales often just fall in love with the process, but they forget to fall in love with the impact, the client or the product.” [17:32]

“I think that ethical businesses need to learn the tools that will allow them to stand out and be the ones that thrive.” [20:02] 

“If you are mission-driven or if you are an impact-driven entrepreneur, then every time you discount yourself you are eliminating the potential energy you can reinvest within your business.” [23:31] 

“You need to be highly functional, highly efficient, and the best person you can be to be able to bring your mission forward.” [24:00]

“We want to bring love back to the word ‘selling.’ It is a beautiful word, and it makes the world go around.” [47:20]

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