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“If the pace of change is ever faster, ever faster, ever faster, and we already feel like we don’t have enough time to keep up or we are overwhelmed or we’re not able to show up fully, then we need a big reset because the future does not play out well if we continue to buy into not just what society says, but also what this pace of change is doing.” – April Rinne

With the amount of change happening daily in workplaces around the globe, adopting the right mindset can be key for employees, managers and leaders alike. Today’s Finding Brave guest breaks down the concept of having a “Flux Mindset,” which helps individuals and organizations consistently view change as an opportunity, not a threat, by being clear and grounded in their values.  

Ranked one of the world’s “50 Leading Female Futurists” by Forbes, April Rinne is a change navigator: she helps individuals and organizations rethink and reshape their relationship with change, uncertainty, and a world in flux. A World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, she is a trusted advisor to organizations ranging from Airbnb, Nike, Intuit, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, NESTA, Trōv, AnyRoad, and Unsettled, as well as governments spanning Singapore to South Africa, Canada to Colombia, Italy to India. April is the author of Flux: 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change on shelves now.

A graduate of Harvard Law School, April is a futurist, advisor, global development executive, microfinance lawyer, investor, mental health advocate, certified yoga teacher, globetrotter (100+ countries), and insatiable handstander. She also harnesses very personal experiences with flux, including the death of both of her parents in a car accident when she was 20. Through her travels and tragedy, vision and values, global perspective and grounded sense of purpose, April helps others better understand how we see, think about, struggle with, and ultimately forge positive relationships with change.

In this episode, April shows the tremendous benefits you can realize by rethinking and reshaping your relationship with change and uncertainty. Once you understand what change is and learn how to embrace it, opportunities will begin to appear and allow you to be more prepared for the future, whatever comes your way.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • April’s definition of “Flux” and the role that incorporating a Flux Mindset plays in helping people adapt to an ever-changing world [7:10]

  • Her personal life journey to Flux, plus some of the key questions that she asks herself to maintain perspective [12:47]

  • How April is contributing by serving the world what it needs right now [15:31]

  • What you can do to begin seeing the “invisible,” and the reasons why individuals tend to miss seeing so much around them that would be extremely beneficial to see [28:37]

  • Her tips for bringing the unconscious to the conscious and why we need to [32:01]

  • Ways to address and resolve your fears and detach from future outcomes at the same time [35:07]

  • What managers and leaders need to do differently in a world of Flux [40:30]

  • Where so many professionals are going wrong when it comes to mindset [42:23]

  • Why April considers herself a futurist, and what it really means to be one [44:35]

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Latest Book, Flux: 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change 

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“You are providing such gifts, service and benefits to humanity, but in order to keep doing that and to do so in the ways that you are best at, you can’t keep running ever faster.” [12:00] 

“If I were to die tomorrow, what would the world need me to do today?” [14:21]

“The more different someone is from you, the more interesting they are to get to know.” [17:39]

“What makes you you, even when everything else changes?” [19:26]

“Privilege actually blinds us. Privilege keeps us from seeing what could actually help us the most.” [33:42]

“Mindset drives strategy. It’s not the other way around.” [42:23]

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