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“I don’t think that anybody should tell you how to run the race, until they’ve crossed the finish line. There is something about having a mess, but the biggest thing is that if you’re going to have this mess, you’ve got to cross the finish line before you make it a message.” – Anthony Trucks

Have you set out down a path to acquire things, attain skills and check off accomplishments, only to wind up overwhelmed, stuck or stagnant in the process? If so, you’re hardly the only one. Today’s Finding Brave guest reveals the most important tool to use to achieve your dreams, and that is your identity

Anthony Trucks is a former foster child, NFL Football Player, competitor on American Ninja Warrior, author, life coach and entrepreneur. From foster care to the NFL, to successful business owner, Anthony has accomplished what statistics would say is impossible. As a speaker and success coach, Anthony teaches people how to design and build better lives and businesses by learning how to access the power of their identity to tap into their full potential and make shift happen.

After being given away into foster care at 3 years old, being adopted into an all white family at 14, losing his NFL career to injury and more, he learned how to shift at a very young age, and now his life mission is teaching others how to Make Shift Happen in their lives.

Anthony’s new book, Identity Shift: Upgrade How You Operate to Elevate Your Life, shares key secrets to success, but not in the gimmicky way that readers are used to. Innate within all of us lies the ability to shift into the identity that enables us to unlock a new level of power, perspective, passion, productivity and to be successful in life. This book is the concept and process of making an identity shift that will change your life.

In today’s episode, Anthony shares the ways that you can begin to shift your identity and how to address the internal messages that hold you back, in order to design a better life and business by tapping into your full potential.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • How the messages from our past that we internalize ultimately hold us back [4:55]

  • A big decision Anthony made in his own life that changed everything for him when combined with the discipline to follow through [13:50]

  • The ways that worthiness differs from entitlement [17:17]

  • Anthony’s thoughts on what we can each do to overcome internal trauma [20:52]

  • Why women in the corporate world need bravery and power [25:43]

  • Where the motivation to change must come from [30:56]

  • What to do first before turning your “mess into a message” [34:13]

  • The harmful impacts of social media, and the steps you can take to minimize its effect on your well-being [34:54]

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Anthony’s latest book, Identity Shift: Upgrade How You Operate to Elevate Your Life 

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Other resources mentioned:

Anthony’s The Shift Starter Daily

Untangling the Mind: Why We Behave the Way We Do by Dr. Theodore George

Kathy’s Power Gaps Survey, Support To Build Your LinkedIn Profile To Great Success & Other Free Resources

Kathy’s TEDx Talk, Time To Brave Up & Free Career Path Self-Assessment

Kathy’s Amazing Career Project video training course & 6 Dominant Action Styles Quiz

Kathy’s Power Gaps Survey, Support To Build Your LinkedIn Profile To Great Success & Other Free Resources

Her TEDx Talk, Time To Brave Up & Free Career Path Self-Assessment

Kathy’s Amazing Career Project video training course & 6 Dominant Action Styles Quiz

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“When you hear your excuse for giving up out loud, and you hear how stupid it sounds, you get this weird cringe.” [10:59]

“The key to success, in my opinion, is when we are looking to accomplish something big we have got to be able to have the confidence to go big.” [12:02]

“I’ve done too much work in the dark for you to take what is mine in the light.” [12:42]

“There is a sweet spot in my life, and I think we all need to get here, which is that I love to do something and people love that I do it.” [27:42]

“I believe control is freedom, but it is not control of others. It is control of my life.” [30:00]

“I think what we typically do is things will happen and we’ll try to find ways to justify what happened. What happens then is we end up finding ways to stay stuck, because we don’t want to see the real problem with what’s going on.” [31:55]

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