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“We have to be really honest with ourselves, which I think is sometimes the hardest part. We have to really ask ourselves if we are happy in what we’re doing. Are we actually enjoying this, or do we really not like what we’re doing? Deep honesty [with ourselves] is where beautiful things come from.” – Stu Massengill 

If you’re feeling lost and wanting to find direction, our inspiring Finding Brave guest shares so much wisdom in this episode, and at such a relatively young age! We cover some of the same issues and topics in the work that we both do, but in a different way with unique perspectives and “lenses,” and I can’t wait for you to meet him and learn from him today.

Stu Massengill is on a mission to change the statistic from 80% of people not loving what they do to 80% of people falling in love with what they do!

He is a Peak Performance Strategist for Tony Robbins and the founder of Finding Direction. Through his company, he helps people go from lost in life to creating a life full of passion and fulfillment.

As a high-achiever under 30, Stu has accomplished many things from building an 8-figure business at 20 years old to beating cancer at 24. Stu brings his deep passion and beautiful heart to creating lasting impact across the globe.

I’ve seen from working with thousands of people around the world that when we approach life in enlivening, self-affirming ways and become more of who we really are, we are much better equipped to successfully thrive through the tough times, as Stu has. It was so refreshing to hear his overarching message that we should never settle for anything less than a life we love, and not wait a single second longer to pursue what it is that you really want to do in this life.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • What Stu got from his childhood years that has opened the door to him doing so much, already, in life [5:13]
  • The perspective he gained from being diagnosed with cancer, and the two big things that helped Stu get through it [9:39]
  • How Stu has experienced sadness and what he does when he finds himself getting into a negative state of mind [22:46]
  • What he says is the best way to build genuine and long-lasting relationships with others [26:24]
  • Powerful questions you can ask yourself to find direction and stay on the path [28:57]
  • Why being completely honest with ourselves is so key in this process [31:07]
  • How to reframe a situation to overcome the fear and just get started towards getting what you really want [35:50]
  • Why Stu says that everyone deserves to live a happy life [40:37]

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“I just felt like I was given such a beautiful environment to grow up in, and how could I not do everything in my power to try to help people, because I was fortunate?” [7:48] 

“I don’t believe negativity serves a purpose in our life. It’s a waste of your energy.” [12:56] 

“Cancer is a gnarly thing. You’ve got to be strong to get through it, but really if you know it’s happening for a greater reason, I think that can help you get through it a lot more easily.” [15:39] 

“If you go back to those moments in your life and you really dig, and you really search, there’s always a blessing, a lesson, and a teaching that you can pull from that experience that is simply just preparing you for the next phase in your life.” [19:01] 

“The deepest way to build genuine, beautiful, incredible, long-lasting, and real relationships with anybody is through vulnerability.” [26:23] 

“The way to get automatic clarity in your life is through experiencing, not thinking.” [32:21]

“If we’re really not happy, we’ve got to find ways that we can try these other things that we think we might like in our life, in a way that’s not super risky. Once we try, that’s when we get clarity and then we can make a decision.” [32:52]

“You deserve to live a happy life. It’s simple, but sometimes we go through life and we make it so complicated and complex.” [40:37]


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