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“How much money we have doesn’t make us a better or worse person, but the beliefs that we carry and the meaning that we attach to money is then what we attach to our sense of self.” – Catherine Morgan 

Experiencing deep stress, anxiety and confusion around our financial situation is something so many millions of people are struggling with today, or have experienced in the past. With the holidays approaching, I believe it’s a perfect time to explore this topic further, to gain greater awareness of what we can do to expand our financial wellbeing now and in the months to come. Today’s Finding Brave guest shares why we are all deserving of wealth, and shares key mindset shifts and action steps to take to begin building more wealth and achieving true financial wellbeing. 

Catherine Morgan is a multi-award winning qualified Financial Planner and award-winning Certified Financial Coach, on a mission to reduce financial anxiety and increase financial empowerment and resilience for 1 million women around the world. Featured in Business Leader as one of the top 32 female entrepreneurs to look out for, she is host of the top 1% global podcast –‘In Her Financial Shoes’ – and founder of The Money Panel ®

After almost losing her son at 5 weeks old to meningitis and spending years in “debt shame” cycles, she became determined to help women to release the guilt and shame they attach to money and change the financial services profession from one that is focused on products to a focus on behavioral change, which is transformational. 

Catherine is the author of the Amazon best-selling book, The Woman I’m Becoming: Reflections to Empower the Females of Our Future and her latest book, It’s Not About the Money: 3 Steps to Become a Wealthy Woman, which was released in December 2021. 

This is such an important topic, and the conversation with Catherine touches on such critical aspects around money, that we decided to air the entirety of the episode in two parts. Please make sure to tune in next week to hear more on how you can strengthen your financial wellbeing as we head into a brand new year!  

Highlights from this Episode:

  • Why financial wellbeing is such a tricky concept to define for most people [6:04]

  • A simple reframe for thinking about financial wellbeing, and a metaphor that can help put it into perspective [7:44]

  • One of the biggest struggles that small business owners will have around money [11:40]

  • A time that Catherine faced a struggle in her business, and the mindset shift she had to make to get past money blocks that she was facing [20:01]

  • The difference between shame and guilt, and the very first question you can ask yourself to shift your emotions around money [26:24]

  • Catherine’s tips for dealing with the opinions of others, plus why she’s such a big fan of “The Law of Subtraction” [30:48]

  • How you can approach financial goal setting as you enter the new year [32:49]

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Latest book, It’s Not About the Money : 3 Steps to Become a Wealthy Woman

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“I think our biggest challenges that we have with money are that we attach our sense of self and our worthiness directly to money.” [6:52]

“[Financial] wellbeing is going back to separating our sense of self away from money.” [7:44]

“What would happen if you had more income and that extra income would enable you to help more people and create more income?” [20:45]

“The cycle I was stuck in was that I could make money, and I was quite a manifester, but I couldn’t keep hold of it because the meaning that I attached to keeping hold of it was [one of] greed.” [25:09]

“How can you leverage your time better? Time is the one asset that we can’t create more of.” [31:42]

“How much money is involved for you to create your desires? You’ll often find that the biggest desires we have in life don’t actually cost us anything.” [36:50]

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