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“Know that you’re amazing. Every individual on the planet is, and the world needs your talents and your abilities desperately. Can you trust and accept the fact that you are special and you are unique, and that now is the time to recognize that clearly?” – Kathy Caprino 

We’re thrilled to share today’s 200th episode of Finding Brave with you! 

Before we begin, I would like to thank each and every one of you, our listeners, for helping us reach this big milestone of our 200th episode. We’re so grateful for your amazing support, feedback and listening ears helping the show thrive over these three years. We’re so very grateful to you.

Creating this podcast has been one of the most joyful and rewarding professional endeavors I’ve ever worked on, and I pinch myself every day for the blessing of learning from so many or our amazing guests, and hearing from our listeners who share their riveting feedback.

I also want to send a huge thank you to my team at Kathy Caprino LLC and, whose magic helps make this show possible. Together, we look forward to continuing to bring new content to you each week. 

To celebrate this milestone, we are offering something special that we hope will move you forward fast on your “finding brave” path to building your career, life and business as you truly want it. 

As we’ve had so many amazing guests who’ve inspired us with their messages, books, talks and more, and we have compiled a selection of brief highlights from 16 episodes over the past three years that reflect the following characteristics. They:

1) Are among the most downloaded and listened-to episodes of the show

2) Impacted me personally in a very powerful way and created an immediate and potent shift for me, in mindset, behavior or perspective

3) Received the most number of shares and comments, either to me directly or on social media where listeners accessed these episodes.

I’ve included several solo episodes that were the most popular as well. 

I do hope that these excerpts will make a positive difference in your life. And I hope you’ll go back and listen to the full episodes that have been excerpted, to benefit from the rich conversations with each of these inspiring guests.

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Highlights from this Episode:

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“If you can look for those areas of life that scare you and cause problems, I say that’s the quick ticket to your genius.” [Gay Hendricks, 9:33]

“Things have gotten so reactionary culturally that people are picking up the sword of feminism again. We all live under patriarchy, which is a rigid dichotomy of gender roles.” [Terry Real, 10:05]

“Contrast is a part of life. We’re not going to be happy all the time, and we can’t realize our potential without the challenges and struggles.” [Bronnie Ware, 12:11]

“If I can’t lead myself, why should anyone else follow me? You see, we can only give what we have.” [John Maxwell, 14:42]

“What’s your leadership story? How are you telling people about who you are and the difference you can make?” [Tony Vlahos, 16:17]

“You’ve got to commit to loving yourself every single day, and then you can go love your kids every single day.” [Andrew Wittman, 22:41]

 “Most often, we have intentions that affect other people, but so rarely do we actually share those intentions with the people that they affect.” [Chad Littlefield, 24:52]

“Until we start realizing that we are fabricating reality in our minds, in a way that is going to damage the conversation, we’re not ready to open our mouths.” [Joseph Grenny, 27:55]

“In a culture where there’s a tremendous amount of dysfunction, what you likely have is leaders at the top of the organization that have failed to grow in maturity.” [Laura Gallaher, 28:21]

“Ask yourself how you can afford it, and that awakens resourcefulness [in you]. It’s never about a lack of resources, but it’s always about a lack of resourcefulness.” [Grace Lee, 31:03]

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