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“If we dare to create some space to honor the things that light us up, even if they’re not at all linked with our professional life, they will lift our happiness, our confidence, our presence and our joy. To a point that we bring more efficiency to our work, we also will bring more clarity to our life.” – Bronnie Ware

The time we have is sacred, but it’s common for us to get caught up in our daily activities and forget this fact. Today’s Finding Brave guest has a message that will resonate with all those who are at a point in life where they know that change is needed, as she explores how life really is on our side and why in the end, courage indeed will be rewarded for those who are brave.

Bronnie Ware is best known as the author of the international bestselling memoir The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, read by over a million people in 32 languages and with a movie in the pipeline. Bronnie is also an inspirational speaker. She lives in northern New South Wales, Australia, and is a passionate advocate for simplicity and leaving space to breathe. 

This conversation with Bronnie is about much more than the top regrets that people have at the end of their lives. It’s about realizing that happiness is a choice that each one of us can make, and we all can have it. After listening to this episode, you’ll have a clearer picture of what’s involved in living a life that fills your heart and allows a greater experience of joy every day, regardless of your current situation.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • Bronnie’s journey of leaving the banking world to search for what she refers to as “work with heart” [3:49]

  • How she became a writer and the way that she healed a personal relationship in the process [10:57]

  • A breakdown of the top 5 regrets of the dying from her book [15:26]

  • The way Bronnie realized that we are all worthy of happiness, and that she could be happy while also embracing the challenges she faced [16:12]

  • What lessons the healing journey she had to undertake helped teach her [21:00]

  • Bronnie’s insights on running a business and following our own intuition, not just the advice of others [25:24]

  • What she has done to set up necessary boundaries in her life and the reasons that she has done this [28:42]

  • Why Bronnie feels that some people are reluctant to be happy, even though it will lead to becoming their true selves [32:13]

  • Why bringing your best self to the world will ultimately bring you more joy [35:03]

For More Information:

Resources Mentioned: 

Bronnie’s Book, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying: A Life Transformed by the Dearly Departing & Her Other Works

Her Audio Course, Regret-Free and Loving It

Bronnie’s Joyful and Regret-Free Weekend Retreat (California 29 – 31 May, 2020)

Kathy and Bronnie’s Forbes Post, The Top Regrets Of The Dying And What We Need To Learn From Them

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“I didn’t dream that I could be an author, it just didn’t even cross my mind, but I was so happy writing and expressing myself through words.” [11:00]

“We have to have those struggles, and the contrast and the challenges, because they are the things that make us step into our best self and to really own who we can be.” [16:43]

“Happiness is a choice on such a tiny level, in so many ways, and yet all of those small choices to focus on something beautiful or positive is just one choice away from the anger and the sadness.” [18:18]

“I deeply believe, without a doubt, that our lessons are given to us from a place of love and to bring us into our best self.” [20:29]

“If I hadn’t had those challenges, I wouldn’t be confident to own the life that I have now.” [23:18]

“We all learn from other people and we all benefit from mentors and coaches, but at the end of the day it is our heart that will guide us.” [29:57]

“What I do is I give people the tools, and how they choose to use the tools is up to them.” [31:02]

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