“It’s as much of an inner game as it is an outer game, because the inner game is the only thing in this universe that you have control over.” – Grace Lee 

What if all the problems we faced in our careers are simply unasked questions? With an incredible story of adversity from a very young age, to her training in neuroscience, today’s Finding Brave guest is able to give a unique and powerful perspective on the questions we can start asking ourselves to create lives of fulfillment and inspiration. 

Dr. Grace Lee is a career educator, strategic reinventionist and neuroscience expert best known for being the founder of Career Revisionist – a global movement of professionals who are creating an inspired, purposeful, and abundant life. Grace is on a mission to redefine modern education, teaching men and women to develop strong business acumen, unlock true vocational confidence, and master their professional destinies.  Her teaching and coaching programs are rooted in neuroscience.

With a 10-year background helping professionals advance their careers, Grace has deep empathy for those from very humble beginnings. Her personal journey from being orphaned and then homeless at the age of 9 provided the backdrop to develop resilience and resourcefulness to thrive.

Grace has established herself as a leading motivational and informative speaker.  She also shares her wealth of knowledge on her YouTube Channel and her Career Revisionist Podcast.   

Regardless of your current situation, Grace’s story proves that where you begin does not have to impede your future success, and ultimately your success always comes down to the important inner work and exploration that you are doing. 

Highlights from this Episode

  • Grace’s riveting and inspiring “David and Goliath” story, and how the obstacles she overcame have contributed to who she is today [3:13]

  • The pivotal moment that she experienced at the age of 14, and why she then decided to focus on her education as a way to freedom [18:15]

  • What is Grace’s mission in life right now and the way that she is helping others [19:35]

  • How she uses her training in neuroscience today, and what Grace feels we really need to succeed instead of strategies and tactics [29:55]

  • Why Grace focuses on principles over strategies, and the one core principle that kept her going through it all [32:20]

  • The ways that her “Why” has shifted to what it is right now [34:28]

  • The specific questions you can start asking that will guide you toward the outcomes you desire [39:20]

  • What you can do to start identifying any blind spots you may have [45:35]

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Resources Mentioned: 

Grace’s Podcast & YouTube Channel 

Her Free 4-Day Training Series & Exclusive Masterclass

Grace’s Book, Ethical Issues in Behavioral Neuroscience

Kathy’s Appearance on The Career Revisionist Podcast

Eagles Wings Children’s Village  

Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 

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“I climbed the academic ladder because I was told by society that in order to get a good job, you have to go to school and get good grades. It had a hold on me, and I believed that was the only way to succeed.” [18:03]

“With life planning and career planning, you have fears because you want to get to the next level. You’re going to have fears of failure or maybe you’re fearing success too. You’ve got to listen and act through the fear.” [28:10]

“No matter how evolved we believe we are, or think we are, we are still cavewomen and men.” [27:37]

“I have to say that my success wasn’t at all because of one strategy. I didn’t focus on strategy, I focused on principles.” [31:07]

“If you want to make real change in an organization, you have to first create a sense of urgency. They have to realize that the status quo is a dangerous place to be.” [33:20]

“Every time you ask a question, it affects the outcome of your life.” [37:08]

“It’s never because of a lack of resources. It’s always about a lack of resourcefulness.” [40:18]

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