In this inaugural episode, Kathy shares her deeply personal story about how she embarked on “Finding Brave” in her own life, and why mustering more bravery and courage is a vital endeavor for men and women around the world who want to live the highest version of themselves and reach their highest, most joyful potential.

She defines #FINDINGBRAVE as this: Recognizing — and courageously leveraging — what you’re made of as a human and spiritual being, and mustering the commitment, passion and courage to draw on all that you are to create the life you dream of, through the fear and the pain.

And she offers 10 essential ways to find brave in your life, with specific tips to get moving on your brave path.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • Why “Finding Brave” is so important to Kathy and how the idea for this podcast that you’re listening to came to be [1:32]
  • She didn’t know it, but Kathy was becoming a therapist even back at the age of 16 and a decision at 22 set the tone for much of her life [3:47]
  • There are 12 hidden crises that working women face – and she faced all of them [5:32]
  • A life changing conversation…[7:02]
  • Why we go “underground” and stop using our own voices (men too) [10:37]
  • What will really happen when we’re fake and hiding [11:47]
  • Just networking with others isn’t enough – here’s what you need to do [22:44]
  • Who the happiest group of people in the world are [26:37]
  • The new frontier of bravery that Kathy is currently facing in her own life [37:00]

Links mentioned in this show:

Forbes post: 10 Ways To Brave Up: How To Rise Up, Speak Up and Stand Up Boldly for Yourself

Kathy’s 6 Dominant Action Styles quiz

Kathy’s TEDx Talk “Time To Brave Up

Forbes Interview with Richie Norton: The Power of Starting Something ‘Stupid’

Forbes article: The Top Three Mistakes Career Professionals Make On Their LinkedIn Profiles

Forbes interview: 6 Ways Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone Is Critical To Success

Forbes article: Why We Don’t Speak Up Against Abuse of Others When We Know Of It

American Assn. of Marriage and Family Therapy

The Energy of Money by Maria Nemeth, Ph.D.


“Why I care about Finding Brave is I wasn’t brave enough for a full 18 years in my corporate life.” [3:16]

“I wasn’t brave enough. I didn’t know how to risk. I didn’t know what that felt like to believe in myself” [6:09]

“You’re going to make mistakes, that’s life. It’s not all going to be perfect. If it were perfect, why would we be here? Why would we be living?” [8:08]

“Really it’s time now. It’s time that we engage our spirits and our souls and our hearts.” [25:07]

“Get good with scared. Start to stretch way beyond your comfort zone and your life will change!” [33:35]


  1. Judy

    So happy to hear your voice again and learn from your guidance and experience. Very excited to crush fear this year and I hope you talk even more about how to do this in future episodes. Can’t wait to hear how this new project serves you as well this year. It’s going to be quite a year!

    • Kathy Caprino

      Hey Judy – How kind of you to say! I’m thrilled that you’re interested in learning all about how to “find brave” in life, work and our relationships. You can count on learning a great deal about how to become braver, more resilient and empowered, through the inspiring info, insights and riveting stories my guests will be sharing. Thanks again for being here!

  2. Alyson

    A wonderful and engaging podcast. Thank you!
    I especially liked the “heal bravely” and “challenge bravely”.

    • Kathy Caprino

      Thank you so much, Alyson, for listening and your feedback. Thrilled that you found this engaging!

  3. Trudi

    Hello Kathy! Thank you for reaching out and sharing this ever so timely podcast! I don’t have iTunes but that won’t stop me from sharing bravely. 🙂 Number 8 “stretch bravely” is top of my list with number 2 “speak bravely” close behind.

  4. April Lynn


    Every now and then we are lucky enough to come across someone you know you were supposed to “meet”, entering your life at the precise moment they would make the most impact, being fully open, receptive, and wanting to address any pattern-like limitations in pursuit of next-level growth.

    How ‘connected’ I truly feel with each topic and truth you share on this podcast, Kathy! (Uncanny parallels and experiences that you put into words magnificently with such genuine character and even greater awareness that prompts real self-searching.)

    I am grateful and know I did not come across or align with you on LinkedIn tonight by accident Kathy!

    Blessed Wishes and so looking forward to “Finding Brave” valuable truths.

    -April Lynn

    • Kathy Caprino

      Hi April! I’m so happy to hear that you feel a deep connection and resonance with these Finding Brave messages. That’s music to my ears. Thank you for reading and sharing, and here’s to great joy, strength and fulfillment on your finding brave journey!

  5. Michele Smith

    “You’re going to make mistakes, that’s life. It’s not all going to be perfect. If it were perfect, why would we be here? Why would we be living?” Thank you for giving your listeners permission to be human; be flawed; or just be. Warm regards.

    • Kathy Caprino

      I appreciate your thoughts, Michelle. Yes indeed – we need to love ourselves through all the humanness.

  6. Starsha Learmonth

    So much of your podcast resonated with me. I’m 47 and have come back to the workforce after 7 years of seeing my children grow and develop. I wish I had on heard this a few years ago and I wouldn’t have wasted so much time hiding behind the motherhood curtain. I would have taken time for me and truly worked out what my future self wanted. Last year I found my brave and enrolled back into school, (very part-time via e-learning) and I’m finally fulfilling my desire to work in Human Resources. Recently I’ve lost my way and found your podcast the remedy for picking myself up, dusting myself off and getting back on track! Thanks so much Kathy.


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