“If you’re thinking that it’s not possible to do these things that you want to do, it’s not possible, but if you do open your mind to the possibilities, it will become possible.” – Richie Norton

Do you want to have more time with your family, but it will take 5 years and your 13-year-old child will be 18 and out of the house by the time you’re “free?” Today’s Finding Brave guest is a deeply inspiring individual who shares how you can actually bake your dream into your business model from day one, and it’s possible through “value-based positioning” that he teaches and shares.

Richie Norton is the award-winning, bestselling author of the book The Power of Starting Something Stupid (in 10+ languages) and Résumés Are Dead & What to Do About It. In 2019, Richie was named one of the world’s top 100 business coaches by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith. He is an international speaker (including TEDx & Google Startup Grind) and serial entrepreneur. 

Richie is the founder of Global Consulting Circle, creating/scaling business models for venture-backed startups. He is the Co-Founder of Prouduct—helping entrepreneurs go from idea to market full service with global sourcing and end to end supply chain. Richie also founded Edit.Today, a multinational video editing service for vloggers. Millions of entrepreneurial-minded people study his work and blended learning, modular educational programs (self-directed learning courses, masterminds, podcasts, articles, keynotes, interviews, books, mentoring, university lectures). Executives and celebrities alike seek out Richie to create new value-based products/experiences for their audiences.

Not only is this a conversation about tipping time in your favor and creating your dream life and business now, but it’s also a story about someone who has overcome extreme adversity and overcome personal trauma in life and is impacting the world in a powerful way. 

Highlights from this Episode

  • How tragic events in his past have shaped Richie’s current perspectives and fuel his passions daily [4:16]
  • Where he feels he has gotten the inner resources to handle such adversity [20:10]
  • What Richie has learned from working with many clients about creating a dream life and business [26:36]
  • Why you need to think beyond just your next sale or business deal [30:04]
  • The action steps to take right now to begin to bake your dream life into your business model [33:00]
  • What Richie believes are the biggest barriers for people today – and it may not be what you think [36:17]
  • The magic that happens when you trust others and give them responsibilities [39:00]
  • What are Richie’s biggest dreams for his future and the exciting projects he’s launching soon [39:49]

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Resources Mentioned: 

Richie’s Books, The Power of Starting Something Stupid & Resumes Are Dead and What to Do About It

His 76-Day Challenge 

Kathy’s Forbes interview with Richie, Longing to Start Something Stupid? How Pursuing ‘Stupid’ Will Transform Your Life

Tony Robbin’s Documentary, I Am Not Your Guru

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“Everything I do is really, just to be honest, to help me have more freedom of time, and essentially help others have more freedom of time.” [4:17]

“When you do get, metaphorically, hit by a car, you now have a choice. Is this going to ruin your life, or not? [18:41]

“What is funny is that you never know how much you can handle until you have to handle it.” [19:51]

“Two people can have the exact same job, making the exact same money, but one has all the time in the world and the one has no time at all. It all comes down to process.” [29:47]

“You can literally have that far distant dream you thought you wanted in the future, that you thought would take all these steps to do, and make it happen here and now.” [34:32]

“If you treat your client as if they are that person they want to become, they’re more likely to become that person.” [39:15]

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