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“If you clear your head with a stress management technique, maybe you’ll be able to hear a solution to a problem that you wouldn’t have been able to hear before, because you’ve got so much going on in your head and you’re running from one thing to the other.” – Jordan Friedman

In last week’s episode and Part 1 of this 2-part series, we explored ways to manage stress during our current pandemic and beyond, but the conversation I had with our expert guest only scratched the surface on this critical topic. That’s why I’m so excited to be bringing him back today for a special Part 2, so that we can learn more as we dive deeper into his essential wisdom on stress management. 

Every day, Jordan Friedman helps thousands of stressed and anxious people worldwide work, sleep and feel better. He is a pioneer of stress management and wellness promotion, first as director of Columbia University’s Health Education Program and now as President of The Stress Coach, a New York-based chill factory that produces acclaimed stress reduction training programs and resources. Motivated by his own stress-to-success story, Jordan has helped everyone from CEOs and college students to police officers and incarcerated adults.

I gleaned so much from Part 1 with Jordan, that I invited him to provide additional strategies and insights to help us thrive through the most difficult of times. If you haven’t already listened to last week’s episode, I encourage you to go back and listen by clicking on the link for Episode 150 in the show notes below.

Highlights from this Episode: 

  • The reasons why many people resist implementing stress-reduction techniques into their daily lives, and what Jordan recommends they do to overcome this [4:45]

  • What science is saying about stress relief and its incredible benefits [7:30]

  • Why we can be so tired after meditating, but it’s not a need to worry [10:25]

  • What’s changed in Jordan since he began meditating regularly [12:20]

  • Jordan takes us through another guided exercise that we can use to reduce the stress we are feeling [13:50]

  • My own past experiences with meditating, and why it can be difficult for many of us to do [20:58]

  • Why he says that we shouldn’t look at meditation as a “contest” [23:04]

  • How the tools and resources that Jordan offers can be easily integrated into your own stress-management routine [26:45]

  • The important role that our thoughts, and awareness of them, will play [27:40]

  • How Jordan can help if you’d like to become a stress coach, and more generous offers he is extending to listeners of this podcast [31:10]

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Last Week’s Episode with Jordan

Kathy’s Forbes Post with Jordan, What Overcoming A Giant Brain Tumor Taught This Man About Reducing Stress

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“With the kind of techniques that I teach, many of them are often just a few minutes long. Even in such a short time it can make a huge difference.” [5:28]

“Stress management, meditating, exercising, whatever it is, is not only as important as picking up your kids at soccer practice, but it’s more important in the big picture.” [6:32]

“The thing that is so difficult for a lot of people [with meditation] is that part about other thoughts coming into their focus.” [22:44]

“Meditation is not a contest to see how long you can focus on your mantra for, but people often make that mistake.” [23:04]

“[Meditation] can reprogram the way that you think, and certainly the way you feel.” [30:03]

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