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“When we choose to be neutral on things where people have deep emotional responses, then we are not creating that kind of connection and community that we want to have in our culture.” – Laura Gallaher

Improving organizational culture now is extremely critical for the future longevity of companies everywhere, because the struggles that workplaces worldwide are currently facing are numerous. Today’s Finding Brave expert guest draws from her incredible experiences to share how we can all address these challenges, as well as how we can more fully recognize the unexpected positive changes to culture that are coming from the pandemic.  

Dr. Laura Gallaher has worked in the field of professional and personal development since 2005. An organizational psychologist, speaker, facilitator and executive coach, Laura is the founder and CEO of Gallaher Edge, which she started in 2013 and rebranded in 2018.

Laura began her career at NASA after the Columbia exploded upon re-entry in 2003, where Laura and a team of organizational psychologists were hired to change the cultural influences that played a role in the accident. She worked there for eight years to positively influence culture, develop leadership capacity and improve organizational performance at Kennedy Space Center. After then working as a Talent Management Consultant at Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, she founded Gallaher Edge – a management consulting firm that creates transformational change in businesses through meaningful and impactful human experiences. 

Now is the time for everyone, not just leaders, to build strength, maturity, self-awareness and self-acceptance. Each one of us has the ability to operate with more grace and compassion for one another, which will increase humanity not only in our workplaces, but also in a world that needs this so badly right now. 

Highlights from this Episode:

  • What organizational culture is really all about [8:10]

  • A big realization that Laura has made about fear, and why this is so relevant to workplace culture [9:55]

  • What’s going so wrong in organizational cultures today, and why it’s important to understand that culture starts from the inside of each of us [17:35]

  • The positive benefits of leaders who have maturity, and what can result from them not having this [18:43]

  • What’s behind the fear, hate and divisiveness that’s overtaking organizations, individuals and societies, and what can be done to overcome it [24:01]

  • How to talk about the significant global issues of today in the workplace, and why being neutral is not really neutral [29:00]

  • The specific action steps that leaders can take to build a more positive workplace culture [39:15]

  • What each of us can do in this remote world to build a more inclusive and safe environment for everyone [42:51]

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“The environment that you create for somebody can absolutely change the relationship that they have with themselves.” [11:51]

“Intuition and your gut are incredibly powerful, and I want to learn to hone those things, rather than suppress them.” [16:37]

“Culture is from the inside-out, like everything is, so it’s always going to start with self.” [17:35]

“There’s a lot that’s really scary right now in our country, and acknowledging fear and having that vulnerability is exactly what we need.” [25:24]

“We’re never responding to the world around us. We’re only responding to the story that we’re telling ourselves about what that means.” [28:10]

“There is no objective truth when it comes to our human experiences.” [34:49]

“I actually see it as a silver lining of the remote world, that we have to be intentional about our communication.” [44:43]

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