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“It was like the prison door swung open and I was able to see that there were all of these other possible ways of existing, thinking and feeling, but for so long I only knew of one way.” – Jordan Friedman  

With what is happening in the world right now, it makes sense to talk about how to reduce stress during what is likely one of the most challenging times many of us have ever experienced. Today’s Finding Brave guest is an expert on this topic, and he teaches others key techniques and strategies for stress and anxiety reduction. He also believes that not only can we be “stress coaches” for ourselves, but we can do the same for others to improve their lives as well.

Every day, Jordan Friedman helps thousands of stressed and anxious people worldwide work, sleep and feel better. He is a pioneer of stress management and wellness promotion, first as director of Columbia University’s Health Education Program and now as President of The Stress Coach, a New York-based chill factory that produces acclaimed stress reduction training programs and resources. Motivated by his own stress-to-success story, Jordan has helped everyone from CEOs and college students to police officers and incarcerated adults.

In this episode Jordan shows us how we really don’t have to change our life in major ways to effectively manage our stress and anxiety. What Jordan reveals, I believe, is so transformative that I wanted to share with our listeners as much as we could, so we’re offering this special two-part episode. I know that the tips and insights Jordan shares can transform your life, and we both can’t wait to hear how you implement these new practices into your day, starting today.  And listen in for a very special bonus from Jordan for the first 50 listeners who take part!

Highlights from this Episode: 

  • Jordan’s amazing backstory and health crisis and journey that led to him doing the work that he does today around stress coaching [5:49]

  • The course he took that quite literally changed his life, and the reasons why it was such a pivotal turning point for him [14:04]

  • What 8 years of non-stop stress looked like for Jordan, and how you can recognize if this is happening to you as well [16:09]

  • His transition to teaching and coaching others around the topic of stress in their lives [24:22]

  • Jordan’s insights on helping others, and why he says that help can come in so many different forms that we may not realize [28:47]

  • The main reasons people are stressed out today, and a reminder he has to give ourselves grace during this time [34:15]

  • A demonstration of an actual stress reduction practice that Jordan uses himself [39:04]

  • A special bonus offer from Jordan that will help you reduce the levels of stress in your life today [42:12]

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“I think a lot of us end up doing [as our work or careers] what we personally need, and that did not become clear to me until years after I experienced what I experienced.” [6:22]

“It was like the thing I held onto and loved, reading, was taken away from me and the rug was pulled out from under me.” [11:10]

“I thought I was invincible and I didn’t believe it. What does stress have to do with it? I didn’t understand the connection between stress, how we feel and how our bodies operate.” [14:19]

“I was opened up to the possibility that life didn’t have to be non-stop stress. It turns out that was what I had been experiencing for eight non-stop years.” [14:55]

“It’s great to know that just some of what I’m talking about, other people are doing it and it’s helping.” It’s like dropping the pebble in the pond, and it starts out with a little circle and then gets bigger, bigger and bigger.” [26:12]

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