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“You have a lot of knowledge and expertise, but if you continually doubt the strength of your opinions and views, or the importance of sharing your ideas, you are going to lose the ability to shape where your career (and life) is going.” Kathy Caprino 

Confidence is key as you step into being the most powerful and impactful (and happiest) version of you. This topic is something I feel compelled to talk about ​given my particular lens as a former corporate VP, then a marriage and family therapist (focused on systems and communication), a researcher, and in coaching and training thousands of executives and professionals across 6 continents these past 16 years.

I know too – from working with teams and leaders at organizations both large and small, including startups that are experiencing exponential growth – that many managers and even seasoned leaders fear they simply don’t know enough to do their jobs well, Many suffer from imposter syndrome. In short, confidence is a problem that impedes thousands of people’s success and fulfillment in life and work.

Tune into today’s show as I explore the 5 ways that your lack of confidence is hurting you, and what you can do specifically to overcome this challenge and build your confidence and self-trust now so that it doesn’t impact your success and professional fulfillment in the future.

In this episode, I reference my recent Forbes blog post, 5 Ways Your Lack Of Confidence Is Apparent And Hurting You, which I recommend reading. If you find the information helpful in identifying and overcoming a lack of confidence in yourself, please feel free to share the piece and this episode with your teams, organizations and colleagues who might benefit as well.


Highlights from this Episode:

  • How questioning your own ideas is holding you back right now in so many different ways [6:50]
  • The importance of understanding and “reading” the environment and ecosystem you are in, before sharing your ideas, and an example from my own career that highlights this [8:56]
  • How the 7 damaging power gaps impact your confidence, courage to grow and your self-respect and self-acceptance today [13:21]
  • What agonizing over your performance and how others think of you will interfere with what you need to do to experience more success and reward [14:27]
  • Some places where you can get outside help if you’re feeling as if you’re “blowing it” in the workplace, and how this will help you move forward in your career [17:03]
  • What to do the next time you find yourself being hypercritical of someone, and what I’ve seen from my experience as a therapist that explains why this is happening [18:31]
  • An example from my own life as a parent when I truly learned that it’s not possible to be perfect, and nor should we strive to be [21:21]
  • Where jealousy and the feeling of being threatened by others’ success often stems from, and how to begin leaving these emotions behind so that you can move forward more joyfully  [25:10]
  • Action steps to take to help you determine what you are good at and how that matters [30:25]
  • What unshakable success requires and why so many of us don’t have it [34:50]


For More Information: 

My Forbes Post, 5 Ways Your Lack Of Confidence Is Apparent And Hurting You 


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“Your lack of confidence is most likely apparent to those around you, and it is hurting you. It is keeping you from growing.” [6:51]


“Greater awareness equals greater choice, and it is really important to get to the bottom of what you need to be aware of now.” [18:23]

“Kind, loving, and generous people are usually the same way to themselves. They’re accepting and they’re forgiving of themselves.” [18:58] 

“What consistently repeats is not random. We co-create, we co-sustain, and we attract behavior.” [20:05] 

“Do something empowering when you feel jealous of others. Look at what it really means, and then do something concrete.” [30:17]

“If you don’t recognize what you are good at, then you can’t talk about what you are good at. If you can’t talk about it and share it and put it on LinkedIn, put it on your resume, discuss it in your interviews and talk to your boss about it, you are leaving so much success, money, reward and advancement on the table.” [31:01]

“It’s not bragging to talk about what you’re good at and the outcomes that you’ve created.” [32:20]


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