Watching people and observing their behaviors is fascinating for many reasons. Yes, it’s fun, but it can also be very revealing. To learn more about what the behavior and communication of others can tell you about them, we are joined by renowned author, retired FBI agent, and keynote speaker, Robin Dreeke.

With a distinguished career that includes serving as the Chief of the Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program, Robin has honed his ability to navigate complex social dynamics and build unbreakable alliances based on trust. Recognizing the vital role trust plays in business success, he has dedicated himself to helping organizations cultivate trust, enhance communication, and foster strong relationships within their teams and with their clients.

Today, Robin returns to the show to discuss all things communication, particularly what people’s behavior reveals about what you can expect from them. Tuning in, you’ll learn about the power of asking ‘what?’ questions to find out why someone inspires you, how empathy can help you resolve conflict in your relationships, why human beings don’t typically thrive in abundance, what you can glean about a person by how they treat others, and so much more.

Drawing on his extensive experience in counterintelligence and behavioral analysis, Robin provides invaluable insights and actionable strategies that empower individuals and businesses to thrive. If you want to become a true resource and catalyst for the success and growth of others, you’ll find his tips powerful, including learning how to embrace active curiosity and key steps to inspire people to feel safe with you. Don’t miss this eye-opening discussion!


Key Highlight From This Episode:

• How self-awareness, transparency, honesty, and vulnerability counteract toxic shame.   [06:29]

• Owning your role in any conflict by understanding how others perceive you and how your experiences and biases color your perception of others. [12:11]

• Insight into Robin’s belief that we are meant to walk the path of life together. [20:05]

• The deeply complex conditions that contribute to war and death in our society. [23:20]

• What someone’s behavior toward others tells you clearly about what to expect from them. [27:02]

• A powerful quote from Nelson Mandela and why books are the key to opening your mind. [31:04]

  How to shift the focus from yourself to others with Robin’s four keys to communication. [37:41]

  Actionable advice for holding yourself accountable in your relationships. [40:33]

  Closing with a profound question to ask yourself about your final hours on earth! [41:43]


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“Think about who it is you get excited about when they walk through the door – because you know it’s going to be a great conversation and then ask yourself, am I that person for someone else? Then, what behaviors make it so?” — @rdreeke [0:03:53]

“We all have our own experiences, confirmation biases – all the things that impact how we see the world through our context and perception affect how we interact with everyone. It affects how I see a relationship as balanced or unbalanced.” — @rdreeke [0:13:41]

“The companies that have thrived are not the ones that took it out on their employees by firing them. They’re the ones that everyone took a pay cut to stay together – because if you form a circle of safety where people feel trusted, that’s when you innovate.” — @rdreeke [0:22:47]

“When you’re assessing others and the people you’re letting into your life, look at how they treat others – Do they tip well, do they not tip well, do they take care of others, do they gossip about people? Those are the [behaviors] I’m always looking at.” — @rdreeke [0:29:27]

“Seek the thoughts and opinions of others instead of telling them all about yours – Speak in terms of their challenges, priorities, pain points, [and] friction points instead of yours – Be non-judgmentally curious.” — @rdreeke [0:38:45]

“If you had two hours left on this beautiful planet of ours – what do you do with [them]? I’ll answer for most people. I know what I would do. I would have the most beautiful conversation I could with the most beautiful people in my life.” — @rdreeke [0:41:47]

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