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“We’re all working on something and we’re all insecure about something. If you give yourself a negative confirmation bias, you’re always going to find the negative in someone. Give yourself a positive confirmation bias and always look for the greatness in others, because if you see their greatness, what better thing is there to have than that?” – Robin Dreeke 

Building trust and rapport with others was absolutely essential in Robin’s former FBI and counterintelligence work, and is critical for all of us to master for so many reasons, but it’s also a struggle for many. Today’s Finding Brave guest has developed powerful strategies for ensuring trust and building strong healthy relationships through great communication, and he shares his framework for doing so with us today.

Robin Dreeke is a best-selling author, professional speaker, trainer, facilitator, and retired FBI Special Agent and Chief of the Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program. Robin has taken his life’s work of recruiting spies and broken down the art of leadership, communication, and relationship building into Five Steps to TRUST and Six Signs of who you can TRUST. Since 2010, Robin has been working with large corporations as well as small companies in every aspect of their business. Whether it is supporting newly promoted leaders, executives, sales teams, or customer relations, Robin has crafted his People Formula for quick results and maximum success.

In this episode, Robin reveals the magic that occurs when you discover the greatness in others instead of focusing on their insecurities, and new ways you can become a valuable resource for the people that you meet. 

I believe Robin’s superpower is that he has taken so much time and effort to make sense of a reality that is not only helpful for himself, but for so many others, and it was a pleasure to learn from him today. 

Highlights from this Episode:

  • Robin’s amazing background with the FBI, and how he got into this unique profession [3:58]

  • How he simplified the sales process and recruited spies to work with the US government [8:54]

  • What really makes a great coach and mentor [15:26]

  • Robin’s thoughts on manipulation, and his “fail-safe” for avoiding it [18:07]

  • The importance of making things about the other person, and the outcomes that can be achieved by doing this [21:34]

  • What he considers to be the most challenging thing to do in his work, and why validation is necessary when building trust and rapport with others [28:45]

  • Robin’s 5 steps and strategies for inspiring trust  [32:12]

  • Whether or not he feels that men have a more challenging time than women do in building relationships [39:45]

  • What to expect from Robin’s training program, and a very special offer he has for listeners of this podcast [42:59]

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“When you’re selling a product, you figure out what the needs and priorities of the individual that you want to interact with are. You offer resources in terms of those things, and it’s really that simple.” [10:02]

“You can have the greatest biology and genetics on the face of the planet, and be the smartest person alive, but if you don’t have good healthy relationships you might as well be on a mountain by yourself.” [15:00]

“My fail-safe to avoid manipulation at all costs is full transparency.” [18:07]

“The most important thing to me to build those relationships is to be a resource for others, and in doing that, build that great personal brand. Your personal brand transcends everything.” [19:25]

“If you live life as a victim, you’re going to take it out on a lot of things and a lot of people. Not just in one area, but in general.” [27:58]

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