How do we separate our work selves and our personal lives when technology and social media have made those lines blurrier than ever? Joining us today to unpack this topic and three key “future of work” trends is Elizabeth J. Sandler, founder and CEO of Echo Juliette, a forward-thinking company that works with executive teams on strategy and leadership development.

Elizabeth is a seasoned professional with 25 years of experience as a COO and Strategist in Investment Banking and Private Equity in the US and UK. In 2019 she left her corporate career to pursue her mission of making workplaces more successful and fulfilling for everyone. Her company Juliette Works advises organizations on investing in Key-Suite women — a fundamental component of any organization. Elizabeth also serves on the board of two public companies, two private equity funds, and two non-profits, and is a sought-after speaker at conferences, companies, and universities.

In today’s conversation, we hear from Elizabeth about three top-of-mind “future of work” trends, before discussing how a comprehensive understanding of these trends today can serve us in the long run. Tuning in you’ll learn about the transformative potential of AI in our work lives; how companies should be approaching social media; and the key things we need to understand about the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) landscape.

The introduction of technologies like generative AI has already had a huge impact on how we work, but this is only the beginning. How we choose to show up and implement these technologies will shape our work lives for years to come. To hear all of Elizabeth’s thought-provoking insights on the transformative impact these developments could have on the future of work, be sure to tune in today!

Key Highlights From This Episode: 

  • Introducing today’s guest, Elizabeth J. Sandler, and the story of how she and Kathy connected and became friends. [02:06]
  • Unpacking generative AI in the workplace as a “future of work” trend and the transformational impact it could have on our work lives. [09:55]
  • The limitations of standard stock images, navigating inherent bias, and how businesses can use generative AI for consistent, creative, and specific branding. [12:13]
  • How AI can be integrated with leading technologies to help humans in the workplace. [20:50]
  • The expertise required to prompt generative AI in a way that will eliminate bias and ensure proper diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). [25:31]
  • Breaking down the impact of social media as a “future of work” trend; the complexity of how we embody (and separate) our work and personal selves online. [28:33]
  • Being open to understanding different perspectives at work, and why an alignment of values between yourself and your organization is so important. [35:32]
  • Unpacking DEI as a “future of work” trend; the growing scope of DEI efforts and the challenge of managing it all. [45:11]
  • Cultivating more empathy for the lived experiences of others. [49:49]
  • Discover where you can go to find Elizabeth’s work and connect online. [26:23]


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“For artificial intelligence, I think we need to start thinking about how is it impacting us as individual humans in our daily lives. And how is that going to trickle into our work life?” — Elizabeth Sandler [0:11:24] 

“Now [with AI] I am able to generate art that is 100% in keeping with my brand and is quite specifically the message I’m trying to convey.” — Elizabeth Sandler [0:14:02] 

“Those are ideal environments. Where we can really get into a place where employees can now bring their whole self to work, but in a way that enables their humanity and their vulnerabilities and not be judged for it.” — Elizabeth Sandler [0:31:38]

“I do think that employees need to rethink whether they’re working for organizations that support their values.” — Elizabeth Sandler [0:41:52]

“We’re still treating people [in such a way that] they’re still trying to adapt to what the common power norm is.” — Elizabeth Sandler [0:48:24]

“We really need to start looking at more individual humanity.” — Elizabeth Sandler [0:49:11]


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