In the pursuit of gender equity, Ludo Gabriele emerges as an esteemed authority, globally acclaimed for advocating healthy masculinity. As a trailblazing thought leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), he welcomes nuance, disagreement, and holistic inclusion, inviting change and transformation. Ludo is the founder of Humen Leaders, a leadership advisory practice devoted to advancing healthy masculinity in the workplace and beyond.

 As the senior director of branding of the MARC (Men Advocating Real Change) Initiative at Catalyst, Ludo led its full rebranding, from storytelling to visual identity. He delivered more than 100 engagements with senior leaders, top-tier media, and academics. He also led the learning design and implementation of two ground-breaking events on healthy masculinity in the workplace: the MARC Summit in 2020 and Real Change with MARC in 2022. His expertise has notably been featured on Forbes, BBC, and Vice.

As masculinity reaches a crossroads, Ludo joins us to discuss the significance of celebrating International Men’s Day in 2023. We delve into some of the key challenges that men face today, examine the state of masculinity, and suggest ways to avoid zero-sum thinking in the pursuit of holistic gender equity.

Tuning in, you’ll also learn about the cultural shift required to make real progress, the difference between equity and equality, the importance of being receptive to opposing views, and more. For a fascinating conversation about what must change to create a better world for all, don’t miss this eye-opening conversation with Ludo Gabriele.


Key Highlights From This Episode:

  •   Ludo’s take on the importance of celebrating International Men’s Day in 2023. [05:43]
  •   Conformity and conflicting narratives about masculinity in today’s patriarchal culture. [12:13]
  •   The perception of “soft skills” as feminine and why progress requires a culture change. [15:33]
  •   Societal challenges for men and boys that can ultimately lead to self-harm, poor mental health, and even violence. [20:10]
  •   The identity crisis many men face today and the importance of building community. [27:05]
  •   What it means to Ludo to take a holistic approach to gender equity. [31:33]
  •   How to help men avoid zero-sum thinking (that when one group wins another must lose) when it comes to “leveling the playing field.” [35:43]
  •   Key takeaways about gender equity and practical advice for both men and women. [38:49]


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“Masculinity norms are [being] questioned and rightfully so because they’ve been unquestioned and rigid for a very long time. However, nowadays, what used to be certain in terms of what men are supposed to do is no longer the case. And we see it leads to historical levels of self-harm, poor mental health, and violence.” — @ludogabriele [0:09:49] 

“Do we think there’s something inherently wrong with men? I personally don’t believe that. Is there something wrong with the way men perceive themselves and what they are supposed to do and not do? I believe this is the core of the issue.” — @ludogabriele [0:10:35]

“Progress is a culture change where people are not judged by behaviors that are attached to their gender.” — @ludogabriele [0:17:28]

“When you limit people to rigid stereotypes, you lose so much.” — @ludogabriele [0:18:49]

“At the heart of every human being is the need to belong. When boys feel not heard, ostracized, or confused, they go where [their beliefs are reinforced] – and then those ideas are weaponized.” — @ludogabriele [0:24:05]

“Just because you advocate for reducing the pay gap for women, it doesn’t mean that you cannot at the same time advocate for better mental health for boys and men.” — @ludogabriele [0:34:08]

“Gender equity is a human issue.” — @ludogabriele [0:39:13]

“Masculinity norms are [being] questioned and rightfully so because they’ve been unquestioned and rigid for a very long time. However, nowadays, what used to be certain in terms of what men are supposed to do is no longer the case. [This] leads to historical levels of self-harm, poor mental health, and violence.” — @ludogabriele [0:09:49]


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