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“Being in this type of life, in this career trajectory, we are faced with decisions. Whether it’s for branding, or for aspects of your career or professional life, it’s all about the choices that you make. Are you in fact making the brave choices?” – Robert Friedman

Last week, we featured the first of a fascinating 2-part series with Robert Friedman around building a fearless brand for your business. In the first episode, Robert shared his expertise, best tips and effective strategies for standing out from others in your industry. 

Today, he takes a deeper dive by not only revealing the specific questions we need to be asking when doing the internal work of the branding process, but how we can also begin to understand our market and engage in a helpful a competitive analysis. 

Robert Friedman is the owner and Founder of Fearless Branding, a branding consultancy that focuses on creating powerful brands for experts and the firms they own. He works with consultants, law firms, executive coaches and other professionals who are paid for their ideas and expertise. 

I am so grateful to Robert for joining me and being willing to answer the specific, probing questions I had.

I encourage you to take Robert’s Brand Strength Assessment that he mentions today, and if you have a question for him, Robert has generously provided his email address,, where he can be reached. 

Highlights from this Episode:

  • How to approach making the brave choice to pivot your branding and what you’ve been known for [2:43]
  • Why asking who you really are should be the first question you consider when doing an internal deep dive [3:33]
  • How to answer the question “What do you do?” while tying it into your differentiation, method or approach [6:05]
  • The reasons you need to get more precise about your audience and the demographics you serve [7:01]
  • How to determine what your clients need and what you can do to begin meeting them where they are [12:06]
  • The specific question that bridges the gap between who you are and what you do, for whom you do it and what they need [15:13]
  • Robert’s thoughts on making brave decisions in order to create focus [18:15]
  • The downside of being “too differentiated” [21:10]
  • What are the final two parts of creating a brand after you complete your internal deep dive [22:18]
  • Where many business owners are still going wrong with their branding [26:49]

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Resources Mentioned:

Robert’s Brand Strength Assessment 

231: Robert Friedman | Building a Fearless Brand for Your Small Business, Part 1

Heinrich Law

The Energy of Money by Dr. Maria Nemeth

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“What do you stand for? What do you believe? Where are you willing to put your stake in the ground and say, ‘this is what I believe, and I will not sell out on my belief?’” [4:31] 

“You can have an expression of your business and yourself in your brand that is congruent with who you already are.” [10:55]

“People don’t like to close doors. It is scary to close doors because closing doors feels like you are shutting off opportunity, but if you are opened up to too many different types of opportunities, then people don’t know where to place you.” [16:33]

“If you’re so differentiated [in your branding] that you’re [perceived as] just weird, then you’ve probably gone too far.” [21:11]

“You’ve got to look at your competition in the way that your target market would look at your competition.” [22:56] 

“Find the meaning, and find the story.” [26:59]

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