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“When I screen a [small business] client prospect, I ask them this question – if their best clients couldn’t hire them and they had to hire one of their competitors, what would be the value that they would lose or be missing?” – Robert Friedman

I’m so excited to dig into the essential steps entrepreneurs and small business owners need to take to build a powerful, compelling brand that stands out and attracts ideal clients we love to support. Today’s Finding Brave guest was deeply instrumental in helping me brand my own coaching business when I first started out. He is an expert at helping small business owners define what differentiates them from their competitors so that they can have the true impact that they long to, working with rewarding clients who they find meaningful to serve. 

Robert Friedman is the owner and Founder of Fearless Branding, a branding consultancy that focuses on creating powerful brands for experts and the firms they own. He works with consultants, law firms, executive coaches and other professionals who are paid for their ideas and expertise.  

In this first part of our 2-part series, Robert shares his expertise, best tips and effective strategies for standing out from others in your industry, and he helps me right on the show by providing an impromptu branding session for my own coaching business.

This conversation with Robert was so rich and useful, and the topic of branding such a key one for small businesses, that we decided to make this a special 2-part mini-series with him. 

Please join us next week for Part 2 as well, and always, please let us know the biggest takeaways you take from our interview.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • How instrumental Robert was to me when my first book came out many years ago [1:36]
  • Who Robert works with now, and a pivotal question that he asks when screening potential prospects to shed light on the true value that they provide their market [2:46]
  • What he’s looking for in the clients who approach him and want to uplevel their brand and business [4:16]
  • The story of how Robert helped me generate so much more clarity for my own brand and business when we worked together in 2008 [7:23]
  • The 4 ways that I tell prospective clients how I differ from others in my field, and how he would tweak it to help me articulate how I am different from other leadership and career coaches [9:13]
  • A look at “Brand Laddering” and how it drives growth and loyalty for a business  [13:19]
  • An example of how one of Robert’s clients was able to up-level and brand herself by telling the right story to her target market [15:58]

For More Information: 

Resources Mentioned:

Heinrich Law

David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants by Malcolm Gladwell

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“The thing that is standing in [most service providers] way is they’re not getting traction with their market. They’re not getting the attention of their absolute ideal prospect, because they’re not telling their story in a powerful enough way.” [4:25] 

“When professionals sell, if they just enter that conversation with a blank slate, they’re not really doing their job. They then have to explain to that prospect who they are, what their value is, how they’re positioned, then they have to turn it around and focus on the prospect to understand who that prospect is and what they really need.” [5:10]

“[Branding] is about knowing the meaning you create.” [12:41]

“Branding is an exercise in “laddering”, where the benefit goes from very basic to very exalted.” [13:18] 

“The objective in branding is to figure out the point at which your brand will enable you to make the strongest connection to your ideal prospect.” [14:47]

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