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“You just have to believe that there’s a higher version of you that you can tap into and that can access higher-level wisdom, insight, solutions, strategies, people, and connections. If you believe it, and if you believe it strongly, it’s amazing what happens in your life.” – Kathy Caprino 

As we approach the end of another year, once again I’ll be sharing my “Holiday Picks” selections, featuring some of the top Finding Brave episodes that have previously aired, to help you enter 2022 with even more bravery and motivation to pursue your goals. 

Today, I’m excited to bring you an episode from late 2018, where I shared a helpful year-end strategy of reflection — the process of reflecting back on the past year in an in-depth, careful and probing way, exploring all that you’ve learned and experienced, created, and also “failed” at — as an effective step to get clearer clear on what you really want in your life. 

This reflection process helps you connect in a powerful, juicy way with your ultimate dreams and desires, and it highlights where you’ve been living “off course” – far away from what your most authentic self really wants.  

In this episode, I explore what I’ve found to be six essential reflection questions that are perfect for this time of year, to help us take stock, expand our gratitude and appreciation for all that we are today, and set the wheels in motion for shifting our approach to how we operate, communicate, and engage with others and with our core challenges and power gaps. This reflection process hatches important new revelations, and sets the stage for a brand new future.

As always, be gentle and compassionate with yourself as you reflect, and remember that everything that’s happened can be used to bolster and uplift you, if you let it.

At the end of the show, I sing a little song to welcome in the New Year, from my heart to yours.

I’d love to hear how your answers to these six questions impact you. And  I welcome your suggestions for any future topics or interviewees that you’re interested in. Please reach out to me by email, or on social media via LinkedIn, or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and say hello and share your ideas!

I wish you and your family very Happy Holidays and I’m looking forward to serving you fresh, new episodes of Finding Brave in 2022 that will move you forward to create life and work as you dream it to be.

Happy New Year!

Highlights from this Episode:

  • The benefits of reflection and what it can help you achieve these next 12 months [2:45]
  • What our lives are giving us, but we often miss [6:14]
  • Why you need to celebrate all of your wins, no matter how small you may think they are [7:48]
  • What I tell myself when things don’t seem to be working out for me and how we can reframe our experiences to benefit from them [11:40]
  • Why we need to focus on so much more than just outcomes [12:30]
  • Visualization truly works – here’s an exercise that I do [16:40]
  • What is your “higher self” and how you can receive help from it [19:45]
  • What is one thing that is needed to overcome your resistance [23:54]
  • The reasons that accountability is needed and where we can get it [25:23]
  • The power gaps that keep people from thriving in their lives and in their work [26:46]
  • How you can move past a traumatic event and finally let it go [32:07]
  • My theme word for the year and an invitation for you to create one as well [32:42]
  • A little song for you to welcome in the New Year [34:46]

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“Nothing is wasted — everything you’ve learned and everything you’ve experienced, even if you’ve fallen flat on your face, is useful. What we want to do is leverage everything we’ve been, done, and learned, and then build on that for the next chapter.” [4:09]

“You can’t just be grateful for the amazing stuff. It helps propel you forward when you can also be grateful for the difficult stuff.” [5:06]

“I am a fan of helping people realize they do have an idea of what they want. They absolutely do, but they just don’t recognize that as a valid idea.” [13:11]

“I get a lot of juice out of turning my mess into a message. Could you?” [14:48]

“Envision what would be a happier, more abundant, prosperous, successful and joyful experience. See yourself with all your senses in it and I promise you that paves the way for it to come to pass.” [20:18]

“What habit can you build that’s going to help you get to where you want to go?” [26:45]

“If you isolate and you won’t ask for help, you’re never going to get it and you’re going to stay stuck.” [30:02]

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