“When you’re getting together with family, friends, your parents, and with your siblings, don’t keep using the stories from the past as an excuse to feel what you feel today.” – Kathy Caprino

You may think that pain and conflict with family and friends during the busy holiday season is unavoidable, but on today’s episode of Finding Brave I’m giving you 5 practical and doable strategies that will help.

These strategies aren’t just what I’ve encountered when coaching and helping others, but what I talk about today touch on challenges and struggles I’ve personally experienced.

Using these strategies will allow you to find ways to be loving, compassionate, joyful, and grateful all at the same time. So dig deep in your heart and spirit this holiday season and embrace the good, kind, the loving and compassionate – in yourself and others.

Make a commitment to see good and to emphasize what you have in common, what you love together. And your holiday will go very differently, I guarantee it.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • What research shows us about the stories and we tell ourselves and why they may not always be accurate [3:53]
  • A personal story that I held onto for years and how I was able to finally let it go [4:34]
  • Why outside help is often needed when we’re struggling to experience love, compassion and healing, and some ways we can receive it [11:52]
  • Examples of how to assert your boundaries and why it doesn’t have to be complicated to do this [14:58]
  • The reasons why it’s often better to avoid certain topics with family or friends, and strategies you can use [17:19]
  • What can shape the views of others and why we should be aware of this [19:40]
  • How to interact successfully with people who don’t share the same core beliefs and values as you do [21:24]


“I’ve learned a heck of a lot about what I need to do to make sure that the time I have with my family and friends is as loving as it can be.” [3:03]

“There are a thousand different ways you can heal when you feel you can’t let something go, and when you can’t shift your level of consciousness on your own.” [12:01]

“Some people almost wear it as a badge of honor that their therapist wasn’t helpful. If you’ve gone to four therapists and they’re not helpful, you are the problem and you don’t want to change.” [13:09]

“Don’t take the bait and talk about the thing that you know that you will never see eye-to-eye on. Why do it?” [17:19]

“You can be loving and engage with people in a loving way, even if they didn’t vote the way you voted.” [21:24]

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