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Finding Brave Coaching Program

Join Kathy in this transformative, 10 -session coaching and consulting program that will teach you the 10 essential ways to rise up, speak up and stand up for yourself, heal your wounds, and reach your highest potential.

Drawing on her leadership experience in the corporate arena, her training as a marriage and family therapist, coach and energy healer, and her extensive research and work with over 15,000 professional women in 15 years, Kathy brings everything she’s learned from her 35-year career to her coaching partnership with you, to help you heal, grow, thrive and share with the world your talents, abilities and passions.

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Amazing Career Project 16-week Online Course:
Your Bravest Path to a More Rewarding and Joyful Life and Livelihood

Held three times a year, Kathy’s 16-week Amazing Career Project career transformation online course is your one-stop shop for accelerating and improving your career at an incredible value, with both group and individualized support.

In this four month online program, Kathy offers 16 weeks of training videos, homework, resources, open “office hours” calls, and more – guiding you through the 16 critical steps necessary to identify what you want in the next chapter, and make it a reality.  You’ll learn powerful new techniques, strategies and action steps — plus a 5-phase proven career growth process – drawing on the best thought leadership available to build a happier, more rewarding career, without costly errors, missteps and detours. With access to Kathy’s expert support and training resources, weekly one-hour coaching calls, plus the option to receive additional private, one-on-one help  at a significant discount, the Amazing Career Project teaches you everything you need to know to change course in just four short months.

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Career Breakthrough Private Coaching Programs:
Private Hands-On Career and Personal Growth Coaching to Break Through Your Challenges and Transform Your Career

Ready to dive in and understand who you are and what you want — and achieve it — like never before? A private, one-on-one career coaching program with Kathy is the most powerful and focused way to get to the heart of what you want in your professional life, and make it happen.

Think years of expert career strategy, research, know-how, tactical guidance and also a therapeutic lens on your issues, in just 10 sessions.  Kathy will dive deep with you to explore and understand like never before your professional accomplishments, dreams, passions, talents, and goals, and help you create an action plan for BIG results you’ll love. Drawing on her 15 years of experience coaching and advising thousands of women, and her own highly successful career reinvention and work as a top writer and media source, you’ll receive the transformational help you need to create the success and happiness you want.

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NEW! Amazing Career™ Certification for Coaches

Are you a coach for professional women (or considering coaching) and wish to step up — and power up — your coaching practice?  Leverage the power of career breakthrough to catapult your clients (and YOUR business) to new heights.  Kathy is thrilled offer a new and empowering Amazing Career™ Certification program that trains career coaches and consultants who work with professional women in her proprietary Amazing Career™ model for change.

This hands-on, private online training and certification program guides you through Kathy’s proven, proprietary 16-week program that helps clients: 1) identify the right career direction, 2) clear the pathway of internal and external blocks to achieve greater success and reward, and 3) successfully monetize and leverage their passions and talents to reach their highest potential.  You’ll learn how to help clients “dig deep, discover their right work, and illuminate the world with it,” and after passing the certification exam process, will be licensed to use Kathy’s Amazing Career Project video training in your practice.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Kathy’s certification program and sign up to be notified when registration opens.

For Organizations – Career Success/Leadership Training For Emerging Women Leaders

For organizations committed to supporting the advancement of women in their workforce, Kathy offers a powerful yearlong training/workshop “Finding Brave Success” series on site at your organization (10 monthly interactive workshops) covering the most critical topics in women’s Leadership and Career Success today. Drawing on her Forbes work, research and interviews with global movers and shakers, and her consulting and leadership training with over 10,000 professional women (including Fortune 100 emerging women leaders) around the globe, Kathy’s programs inspire, enliven and educate women on new, effective strategies for achieving their highest potential.

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