“I speak about the divine femine, but it’s just claiming our divinity. Really our relationship with ourselves is the source of everything, if we can come home to our sacredness and to our own divinity. What I love is teaching women to actually understand how we are an embodiment of that which is sacred, in female form.” – Anahita Joon

Almost all women have been raised to hide who they really are, but now is a critical time for women to come into full self-expression and leadership. Today’s Finding Brave guest reveals how it’s the safest it has ever been for us to do this, and connect to a higher wisdom, regardless of what our individual circumstances may look like. 

Anahita Joon is a modern-day priestess, healer, medicine woman, and credentialed spiritual counselor. Born into Iran’s Islamic Revolution, her work today is the culmination of over 25 years of intensive study with mystic masters and shamans, social research, and over 10 years of her own teaching and facilitation. As a Feminine Leadership mentor, Anahita activates the sacred leadership of women, leaving no stone unturned in awakening and unleashing the force of nature that every woman carries within. 

In this episode, Anahita shares her riveting personal journey of growth and shows others how they too can unlock their self-expression and the power of their authentic voice and leadership. The best part is that you are already encoded with absolutely everything that you need in order to fulfill your life’s purpose. It’s time to recognize and honor it.

Highlights from this Episode

  • How Anahita’s background, and what she does today, has really been a journey of seeking liberation [3:56]
  • The way that her path of personal development began at the age of 14, and then included a marriage break up and years as an exotic dancer [6:23]
  • What spiritual downloads Anahita received along the way from the Divine Goddess, and the guidance that she was given and didn’t want to take [8:09]
  • What is “The Shadow,” and how she learned to bow deeply to it while accepting it as beautiful [14:49]
  • The vision of her future that Anahita held through all of her experiences, and what happened when she finally made the decision to stop dancing [18:07]
  • What is the Divine Femine in leadership, and the essential 7 pillars we can use to claim it [29:15]
  • How tapping into your own erotic essence can show up daily in your work, and a powerful example of how one of Anahita’s clients has used hers [35:59]
  • Her beliefs about our past lives and how they impact women today [39:59]
  • What participants can expect to get by taking part in Anahita’s signature program, Beauty Unleashed [42:18]

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Resources Mentioned: 

Anahita’s Signature Program, Beauty Unleashed

Her Free Assessment, Discover Your Feminine Superpowers!

Anahita’s TEDx Talk, To Move Out of Oppression We Must Embrace our Erotic Nature

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Kathy’s interview on Iconic Leaders Rise Summit (register for the free Summit to hear the interview)

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“It’s not just my story. It’s my story to share because of what it offers to others.” [4:23]

“I knew the information, but I forgot that there had been this time where I received all of it, and this was about the embodiment and integration of what was just information, and having it actually become living information.” [14:03]

“To me ‘The Shadow’ is beautiful. To me all of it is beautiful and sacred, and I bow to all of it.” [14:49]

“I really feel strongly that most of the ‘can’ts’ are just mental constructs.” [27:27]

“I don’t believe time exists. It’s a man-made construct, and I believe that all of our lives are happening simultaneously.” [39:59]

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