“The biggest problem with the resumes I see is that people tend to summarize their experience, instead of selling themselves. At the end of the day the job search process is really a sales process, and the product that you’re selling is yourself.” – Austin Belcak

The first time today’s guest appeared on Finding Brave, and we talked about how to land your dream job at the salary you deserve, I received so much positive feedback about the episode and its impact that I knew I had to invite him back. Today Austin returns to share the biggest mistakes he sees with professionals’ resume creation, and the ways you can optimize your resume if you want to get truly noticed by recruiters and land that plum role you’re after.

Austin Belcak is the founder of CultivatedCulture.com where he teaches people how to land jobs at the world’s best companies without applying online.

 He has helped thousands of job seekers get hired at top organizations such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Salesforce, Facebook, and more.  His strategies have also been featured on top media platforms like Forbes, Business Insider, Fast Company, Inc. and more.

As Austin explains in this episode, resumes are only one piece of the job search puzzle, but creating them effectively is absolutely essential in putting yourself forward in the most compelling way. There’s a lot more that needs to happen as well if you want continued and consistent success in your job search in 2019, and the best part is that the strategies Austin reveals will not only guide you in building the best resume possible, but they can be applied to your LinkedIn profile and help you to speak powerfully about your accomplishments, all of which is important to recruiters and hiring managers looking for their ideal candidate. 

Highlights from this Episode:

  • The single biggest mistake that Austin sees being made on resumes today, and the approach he takes to help his clients fix it [4:00]
  • The importance of copywriting in relation to resume writing and what he feels makes a great headline to use [5:24]
  • Austin’s formula for creating effective resumes, and examples of specific wording he recommends [8:14]
  • How to prevent losing a job to someone who isn’t as qualified as you are [12:10]
  • What to list on your resume if you don’t have metrics or numbers that could be measured [14:09]
  • Things to consider to make sure you are recognized by the applicant tracking systems that recruiters are now using [22:57]
  • What to do if you don’t match all, or most, of the qualifications listed in the job posting [27:16]
  • Why networking, and the conversations that you will have, are crucial to the job search process [29:35]
  • The increasing importance of your LinkedIn profile and Austin’s best tips and strategies for creating the best one possible [31:38]
  • Why he created his resume tool and how you can use it now for free [38:44]

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“The competition is stiff, and there could be hundreds, if not thousands of resumes for a position. So if everybody says that they’re “proficient in Microsoft Excel,” what does that mean? If you’re just saying that you’re proficient in Excel, the person reading your resume has no context.” [12:10]

[If you don’t have metrics that demonstrate your impact] “What you have to do is go find the people who care about the end metrics that your end work is delivering.” [16:24]

“If you learn how to write in a way that persuades other people to take action in favor of your interests, that is the best thing that you can do.” [21:04]

“If you are coming from a bit of a non-traditional background, or you may not meet all of the qualifications, you can still give yourself a leg up by understanding what the applicant tracking system is looking for, and aligning your resume to that.” [24:01]

“A compelling resume and LinkedIn profile can really help you shine when you can draw on them in your conversations.” [29:35]

“When it comes to actually landing the interview, I think we’re moving away from the resume era and more into the LinkedIn Era.” [36:35]

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