“For most people I know, their comfort zone is actually not very comfortable at all. It’s a tight box that they’ve put themselves in. They’ve created practices, habits and methodologies to make themselves feel safe and secure, but safe and secure is not necessarily comfortable. We want to reach our highest potential, and safe and secure will never let us do that.” – Kathy Caprino 

In today’s show, I’m so excited to explore an issue that for so many of us, including myself, is challenging to face.  

Today I’m sharing some candid revelations I’ve had this summer, after taking time to travel and perform internationally, and completely unplugging so I could focus fully on the here and now. I saw clearly when I returned to work that there are three key ways that leaving the “comfort” of your jam-packed schedule, your daily rituals and regular practices at work—and stepping away for a longer period of time than usual and doing things that are very different from your normal activities—will dramatically expand your success, growth and happiness. 

I hope the tips and strategies here will put you on the quickest trajectory to reaching your highest potential and your happiest and most fulfilling visions for the future, which is why I believe we are here on this planet at this time – to become more of who we really are and want to be.

As always, I’d love to hear if this episode speaks to you, and I welcome your suggestions for any future topics or interviewees that you’re interested in learning from. Please reach out to me by email at info@kathycaprino.com or on social media via LinkedIn, or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest to say hello and share your ideas and feedback!

Highlights from this Episode:

  • What I’ve observed every year about how corporate professionals experience the summer months (and what happens upon their return in the Fall), from my years of coaching professionals [3:00] 
  • Who this episode is really for – including corporate employees and small business owners and entrepreneurs who want more, different and better [4:52] 
  • Why I think most people’s comfort zones aren’t comfortable at all [5:59] 
  • How I recently stepped away from my own comfort zone, and the amazing shifts that were possible because of it [7:14] 
  • What will happen if you don’t learn how to properly delegate to others, stop doing too much, as well as how to focus on the right priorities, directions, and decisions [13:05] 
  • How stepping away from work will allow you to see what needs to be done and help you make the tough decisions (and have the hard conversations) that are critical to your success [13:42] 
  • A simple strategy that will not only save you time in your day, but your energy as well [16:50] 
  • Why the joyful, thrilling actions you want to take don’t have to clash with building a lucrative, great career [18:38] 
  • How you can start shedding the things, and people, that don’t work for you – without feeling guilty [20:50] 
  • Questions to ask yourself and the action steps to take right now to leave your comfort zone and start boosting your success [22:20] 
  • Exciting updates on my new book and upcoming Close Your Power Gaps training program [24:58]

Resources Mentioned: 

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“If the rest of your year is crap and you live for that week off in the spring or those two weeks off in the summer, something has got to change because most of us work more hours than we play.” [4:52]

“If you’re not delegating well and you’re not teaching other people how to expand their own roles, you’re not a good leader and you’re not a good manager. You’re just making people crazy and it’s not a recipe for success.” [11:09]

“(After taking time away) you will come back changed because you see yourself in a different light and you recognize the skills that maybe you never knew you had, and see them in a stronger way.” [16:03]

“Things become clearer when you’ve stepped away from being so beleaguered, so overworked and so perfectionalistically over functioning.” [20:18]

“You CAN find a way to step away and unplug. It’s not impossible, even with a crazy busy schedule and career. You just have to do it in a way that fits with who you really are.” [23:00] 

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