“I really want these women to get funding, so they can build businesses that are building the future and that we can break the cycle of what we’ve seen in technology and finance. Through these new technologies, we have that opportunity to break the cycle.” – Nisa Amoils

Despite some progress being made, there’s no denying that today we do not have a level playing field in terms of access to funding and growth opportunities for female vs. male entrepreneurs. Today’s guest takes a brave stance on this problem, and discusses it openly and candidly, in no uncertain terms. She is committed to leveling the playing field, and in this episode she explores the systemic issues around why women are not receiving the funding they need, and how we can take steps to change this.

Nisa Amoils was named one of Business Insider’s 30 Women in Venture Capital to Watch in 2018, and Top 100 women in Fintech in 2019 by LATTICE80. She is a tech investor and has been a venture capitalist at Scout Ventures, an active Board Member and former entrepreneur. Her investment focus has largely been on frontier tech, i.e. AR/VR, robotics, drones, AI, autonomous mobility, cybersecurity, blockchain and other disruptive technologies, topics she covers regularly for Forbes.com.

Nisa reveals how female entrepreneurs and founders are not alone, regardless of where they are located, and shares how to gain powerful support as well as practical steps to follow to greatly improve their chances of receiving the funding they need.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • The reasons Nisa wrote her new book and a key experience that played a big part in the decision to do it [2:36]
  • The surprising things she discovered while researching and writing the book [6:18]
  • What is blockchain and bitcoin, and why they can be great tools for women founders [8:52]
  • The real reasons Nisa feels that women aren’t getting funded [13:46]
  • What women can do to break into new fields and get the funding to develop their companies and ideas [17:50]
  • The ultimate goal Nisa has for the work that she is doing [20:30]
  • What support systems are available for women founders [21:57]
  • Things that today’s entrepreneurs are doing know, or aren’t doing, that could help further their cause [23:45]
  • What today’s venture capitalists are really looking for [25:00]

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Resources Mentioned:

Nisa’s Book, WTF Is Happening: Women Tech Founders on the Rise

Her Forbes Blog

60: How to Crack The Funding Code for Your Startup, with Judy Robinett


“There were plenty of women in law school, so it’s not really when we’re entering these fields that we see the discrepancy. It’s more as we move up.” [5:18]

“Let’s say you’re a female founder. You can go to a crowdfunding platform and you have the ability to reach many more people, tell your story to them and they can invest in you.” [13:21]

“Most of the capital is controlled by sovereign wealth funds, endowments, pensions and other institutional investors. So if you really want to move the needle, you really need a macro reallocation of capital from those sources.” [15:07]

“There are the grassroots initiatives, like the angel investors and other funding sources to get women started. Then there’s the top-down approach, and hopefully we meet somewhere in the middle.” [18:26]

“Those female founders who received funding, they exit and they create a new ecosystem. They just return the capital and keep funding other women, so I think the more that happens, that’s better for everybody.” [19:31]

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