“You really do have to understand that if you look around and everybody looks and acts just like you, and nobody is asking any questions, you’ve got a problem with curiosity.” – Diane Hamilton

Curiosity can change absolutely every aspect of what we do, and today’s Finding Brave guest reveals just how important curiosity is to improving engagement, innovation, productivity and more.

Dr. Diane Hamilton is the Founder and CEO of Tonerra, and a nationally syndicated radio host, keynote speaker, and the former MBA Program Chair at the Forbes School of Business. She is the author of multiple books including Cracking the Curiosity Code: The Key to Unlocking Human Potential and the creator of the Curiosity Code Index® assessment. Her groundbreaking work in the area of curiosity is required reading in universities around the world and has been endorsed by some of the biggest names in leadership including Steve Forbes, Keith Krach, and Ken Fisher. She has shared the stage with top speakers including Marshall Goldsmith, Martha Stewart, and Jeffrey Hayzlett, and has been featured on Forbes, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox.

To be more curious, it takes being brave, but it’s not enough to just think differently. Insight doesn’t necessarily change us–it’s taking brave, bold action that generates change and growth, so tap into your curiosity now. The younger you start to explore and utilize your curiosity, the more it can help advance your personal and professional development.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • How Diane got interested in curiosity and what drew her to learning more about it [2:47]
  • The way she defines curiosity and what she’s learned about people who have it, and those who don’t [5:07]
  • The four factors that hold us back from being more curious [8:12]
  • An example of when fear held Diane back and why this was such a powerful learning experience [10:45]
  • What role our assumptions, or the little voices in our heads, play in our lives [14:16]
  • Why many people are avoiding technology, and how our environment will directly affect how curious we are [16:03]
  • The reasons Diane created her certification program, Curiosity Code Index® [20:55]
  • The ways curiosity can be used to build someone’s personal brand [25:45]
  • How curiosity builds empathy and what we can be done to overcome a lack of it in order to be successful [31:37]

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Resources Mentioned:

Diane’s Latest Book, Cracking the Curiosity Code: The Key to Unlocking Human Potential & Other Works

Her Curiosity Code Index®

Diane’s Radio Show, Take The Lead

Kathy’s Book, Breakdown, Breakthrough

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain

iWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon by Steve Wozniak


“I really learned so much from every industry of how everybody thinks, and it just started to come together that I wanted to figure out why people weren’t more curious.” [3:36]

“What I was trying to do was to look at curiosity from the standpoint that no one else has looked at it from, which is what keeps us from being curious.” [5:28]

“If you don’t solve the main problem of your workers being curious, and how they can explore that development, then you’re not going to reach all these other goals of engagement, innovation and more.” [21:21]

“It’s hard to get a really accurate assessment of your emotional intelligence unless you get it from someone else.” [30:44]

“By just adding little tiny things, baby steps in curiosity throughout your day to see what it feels like, it’s kind of fun.” [34:09]

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