On today’s powerful episode of Finding Brave, Kathy Caprino is joined by the inspiring author, leadership consultant and advisor Bill Treasurer, the founder of Giant Leap Consulting, a “courage-building” company, and author of five books, including Courage Goes to Work, Leaders Open Doors, and Right Risk. For over two decades, Bill has worked with thousands of leaders across the globe, strengthening their leadership impact, and building their courage. Among others, Bill’s clients include NASA, Spanx, eBay, Lenovo, Armstrong Flooring, UBS Bank, Hugo Boss, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Bill’s insights about courage and risk-taking have been featured in over 100 newspapers and magazines, including the Washington Post, NY Daily News, Chicago Tribune, Boston Herald, Woman’s Day, Redbook, and The Harvard Management Update.

You’ll hear Bill share his riveting personal story of how he first “found brave” in his teen years, and his keen insights and tips for expanding courage in your life — putting courage to work to build your impact, deepen your personal fulfillment and achieve your highest potential. Bill also shares powerful ways to generate true confidence that blends both humility and self-worth, and how to find the courage to answer the one key question that will help you achieve the ultimate purpose you are here to fulfill.   

Highlights from this Episode:

  • How Bill got started with the work he does around challenge, and the way he found his own courage [4:30]
  • A powerful lesson his own daughter taught him on acquiring bravery [9:35]
  • The things people don’t understand about bravery and courage [15:38]
  • The “mirror check” that you can use when making big decisions [17:25]
  • What happened in Bill’s corporate career that led him to starting his own business [20:05]
  • Why power, especially in the hands of a male, can be so destructive [24:45]
  • The reason Bill says that exposure to the occasional humiliation can be a good thing [21:20]
  • What occurs when someone has true confidence [31:15]
  • The four most important words in the English language to Bill [32:55]

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Twitter: @btreasurer

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/courage

Facebook: http://facebook.com/bill.treasurer

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

Bill’s Books

Kathy’s TEDx talk “Time to Brave Up

Episode 4: Gender, Power and Relationships: The Crushing Effects of Patriarchy, with Terry Real

Kathy’s Articles, Longing to Start Something Stupid? How Pursuing ‘Stupid’ Will Transform Your Life & How Being Humiliated Can Make You A Great Leader


“You never know when you might say the right thing that unlocks a person in a certain way.” [3:38]

“Courage is often a decision.” [5:35]

“This idea of courage is multidimensional. A person may be courageous in one area, in one realm of their life, and don’t even know it.” [9:41]

“You literally, as you know, can become comfortable in discomfort.” [15:10]

“Fear is essential for courage.” [16:26]

“I had this song playing in my heart that was being stuffed under, and I knew…the song wasn’t coming out, and if I stayed there, it wouldn’t come out.” [23:59].”


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