“I think this is the massive thing for introverts. You have to be congruent with what you’re selling, so you can’t just put a price tag out there and be ok with it. You need to have that validated, and there are ways to test that so it feels comfortable for you.” – Matthew Pollard

Introverts often feel that certain barriers exist making sales harder to do than their extroverted counterparts. Today’s Finding Brave expert guest reveals that introverts actually have an advantage in selling, and he shares his 7-step process to discovering what he calls the “introvert’s edge.”

Matthew Pollard is responsible for five multi-million-dollar business success stories in his home country of Australia, all before the age of 30. His humble beginnings, the adversities that he faced, and his epic rise to success are inspirational stories of how anyone, with the right motivation and the right strategies, can achieve anything they set their mind to.

Today, he’s a bestselling author whose book, The Introvert’s Edge, has received endorsements from Harvard, Princeton, Neil Patel, and Marshall Goldsmith, just to name a few. He’s been featured by Fox, NBC, Fortune, Forbes, INC., Entrepreneur, and CEO – and he’s also the founder of Small Business Festival, which INC. has named a Top-3 national conference for small business.

Whether you’re an introvert or not, I’m know this powerhouse interview will help you find brave and close your own power gaps. What Matthew shares here isn’t just about sales–at the core it’s really about how to shine in the world doing what you love, while helping others in the process.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • Some of the early struggles Matthew faced growing up and what he considers to be a turning point for him [4:15]
  • How he first learned to develop his sales skills [8:40]
  • Why introverts benefit more from a proven sales system than extroverts do [11:10]
  • The very first step in the sales process that he recommends someone take [14:40]
  • What Matthew sees to be the biggest problem introverts face in selling and how to use storytelling to overcome it [21:20]
  • How to tell if you’ve done the sales process right [31:10]
  • What to do if you’re struggling with how to present your pricing to potential clients [34:18]
  • The process Matthew uses to screen prospects and determine who is an ideal fit for his products [42:05]

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Resources Mentioned:

Get The First Chapter of Matthew’s Book, The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone

His Podcast & YouTube Channel

Matthew’s Rapid Growth Academy & 6-Week Intensive

Small Business Festival & His Other Events

Kathy’s Forbes Blog with Matthew, How An Introverted Australian With A Disability Built Huge Momentum For U.S. Small Businesses

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“I did have a lot of struggles growing up, and I think that the adversities that we have in life seed the success of our future.” [3:58]

“I had to make the decision that sales had to be a systematic process, because if I wasn’t in control, my year was going to be horrible.” [8:59]

“If you’re always trying to create repeatable and improving results over the long-term, you always get much better outcomes.” [14:16]

“If you do everything well, the sales should just become a natural outcome.” [15:08]

“The problem is as an introvert, we end up stuck in our head trying to work out what to say and a lot of times what comes out is this massive education system.” [24:46]

“A story is a wonderful way of educating somebody of what you do, inspiring them that it’s possible for them, while also underlying the fact that you’re the only logical choice [of who] to work with.” [28:11]

“I will always do what I can to help as many people as possible, as long as I can keep it up. The people that do the work, I will be happy to support.” [44:50]

“If we avoid sales and we avoid marketing, we’re really just counting the days until our business is closing.” [49:29]

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