“People are compelling not only because of credentials and accomplishments. They’re compelling because they are likable. What makes you likable? When you talk about what you’re passionate about, when you talk about what you value, and you talk about what your mission on this Earth is.” – William Arruda

“Women, in particular, think self-promotion is a dirty word, but here’s the funny thing. It’s the successful professionals who know that when you stay quiet about your achievements and your accomplishments, and even your leadership or thought expertise, you’re going to be overlooked.” – Ora Shtull

As a professional, you most likely have a LinkedIn profile, but are you taking full advantage of how this platform can help build and advance your career? It’s not just “nice” to be on LinkedIn now, it’s an absolute must to place your digital brand in the forefront, and today’s Finding Brave guests provide their expert LinkedIn strategies that you can use to blast your career upward.

William Arruda and Ora Shtull are the co-founders of CareerBlast.TV, a personal branding plus platform for professionals who want to stand out and succeed.

William has been credited with turning the concept of personal branding into a global industry. He delivers personal and social branding keynotes all over the world. William is the author of Career Distinction, Ditch Dare Do, and the upcoming, Digital You.

Ora is a sought-after executive Coach in New York City. She’s built a stellar reputation over 20 years helping leaders get promoted and land on the “top most powerful” industry lists. She’s the author of The Glass Elevator: A Guide to Leadership Presence for Women on the Rise and the upcoming, Power Up your Personal Brand.

William and Ora are two of the world’s top authorities on personal branding and career advancement, and they offer their amazing resource, Power Up Your LinkedIn Profile, which will start building your personal brand and fast-track your career growth – today!

Highlights from this Episode:

  • Why LinkedIn is so important, how it’s evolved over the years and what mindset you should have when using it [4:08]
  • How using LinkedIn effectively can allow you to do your current job better, and is not just for seeking new opportunities [5:39]
  • What people are ashamed of and the main reasons they are hiding on LinkedIn [12:15]
  • What the “brandscaping” trend is and how you can start doing it today [15:58]
  • Fascinating insights about how women are using LinkedIn versus how men do [24:10]
  • The amazing things that can happen when you understand and embrace who your true target is on LinkedIn [27:40]
  • Why people are so scared to ask for and give written recommendations on LinkedIn [29:38]
  • When you should be asking for recommendations and the right way to do it [31:51]
  • The top 3 things you can do now on LinkedIn to get you moving towards your career goals [37:40]


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Resources Mentioned:

Power Up Your LinkedIn Profile (with bonuses!)

William’s Books Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand & Ditch. Dare. Do! 3D Personal Branding for Executives

Ora’s Book, The Glass Elevator: A Guide to Leadership Presence for Women on the Rise

William’s First Appearance on Finding Brave

Weber Shandwick study & 2014 study of social CEOs



“The new mindset for LinkedIn and people haven’t really adopted this year, is that LinkedIn is a place I go to do my job better.” [William, 4:57]

“LinkedIn Groups are professional associations on steroids. You go to a professional associate in your local city and there might be a hundred or two hundred people there. You go to a LinkedIn Group focused on a certain topic, and there could be tens or hundreds of thousands of people you could connect with.” [William, 5:57]

“You’re revving up your personal brand, and your personal brand will only promote the corporate brand. So when you show up with confidence, and when you show up with thought leadership or with expertise, that’s a beautiful reflection on your company.” [Ora, 8:34]

“One of the biggest challenges I experience in working with people is that people are afraid to be different.” [William, 21:34]

“We have to redefine who our target audience is. It’s not the people in the office or cubicle next to you. It’s much broader than that, and if you embrace that, the world of opportunity falls on your lap.” [Ora, 28:00]

“If you believe in what you do, you want to share it broadly.” [Ora, 30:55]

“If you’re not getting it done, kiss procrastination goodbye and get some support.” [Ora, 36:40]

“If you are not creating a profile that’s reflective of who you are in the real world, then you are missing out on huge opportunities. Whatever people see, that is who you are to them.” [William, 38:08]

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