“My fundamental truth behind The Thought Leader Formula, besides the solution to #MeToo, is that 90% of people have the ability to be a thought leader, we just have to understand how to follow that path.” – Robin Farmanfarmaian

Being a thought leader is building a business, and almost anyone can do it with the right mindset. To become a thought leader though, you need to know and hone your business model, revenue streams, and who your customer is. Today’s Finding Brave guest shows us how we can do this, whether we are an entrepreneur, work in a corporate setting, or have a side gig.

Robin Farmanfarmaian is a professional speaker, entrepreneur, and angel investor driving high-level business development for a wide array of organizations in the medical and biotech fields and beyond.

Empowering professionals, Robin also works with executives, entrepreneurs, consultants and other professionals who want to become thought leaders in order to accelerate their career and business goals. Her 1st book, The Patient as CEO: How Technology Empowers the Healthcare Consumer, is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon. Her 2nd book, The Thought Leader Formula, is out now.

It’s been a journey for Robin to become who she is today, and the very personal story she reveals in this episode can help many of us see that we too can share our ideas in a bigger way than we are currently, and why that’s a gift to the world.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • What compelled Robin to write her latest book and why she says it was a tough decision to write it [2:50]
  • Her two-step solution for issues facing professional women in the #MeToo era [5:31]
  • The first steps to take to get known for your idea [10:18]
  • Robin’s concept of “You, Inc.” and why you should be aware of your personal brand, regardless of what work you do professionally [13:48]
  • What your “fundamental truth” is and why it’s something that you’ll need to identify [16:08]
  • How to launch your first entrepreneurial venture if startup funds are an issue and what level of investment Robin has made in her business to become a thought leader [19:50]
  • What to consider if you are a first time writer and how you should be viewing your book in terms of financial returns from it [24:08]
  • Ways that your book can be “9 products in 1” [26:18]
  • Where to begin if you have an idea, or group of ideas, that you want to turn into your first book [28:26]
  • What readers of Robin’s latest book can expect to get from it [32:17]

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Resources Mentioned:

The Thought Leader Formula Online Course (with 50% for the month of April 2019 using code “April50”) & Free Workbook

Robin’s Latest Book, The Thought Leader Formula: Strategically Leverage Your Expertise to Drive Business & Career Goals

Her First Book, The Patient as CEO: How Technology Empowers the Healthcare Consumer

Kathy’s Book, Breakdown, Breakthrough

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, by Simon Sinek


“Become known for your ideas and your brain so that people can’t hurt you anymore, and then send the elevator back down for other women.” [5:33]

“(Writing) that book gives you more credibility than an MBA.” [6:47]

“The very first step to becoming a thought leader is to step back and figure out your business model and your revenue stream. Those things are going to then indicate your customer avatar and who you want to reach.” [10:18]

“People do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it. So identify your ‘Why’ as it relates to your business model and revenue stream.” [16:16]

“It is a long-term vision. Becoming a thought leader is not something that’s going to take you just a few months.” [19:51]

“If you think you can become a thought leader for zero dollars, I am going to tell you right now you will fail.” [20:46]

“The vast majority of your clients probably are never going to read your book, but the fact that they know your book exists is what books you for keynote speaking, or can get you a client.” [25:00]

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