“If you know what your best is, then you know your best colors and you know your style personality. You can take all of those and enhance yourself to be memorable, to be recognizable, and to have an impact.” – Audrey Beaulac

Everywhere we turn we’re bombarded by messages from people telling us what we “should” look like. However, this Finding Brave expert guest shows us why style is so much more than just clothes we wear and the way we style our hair, as it’s really about taking control of your style profile and creating a ‘Style Signature’ that gets you noticed and remembered.

Since 1994, Audrey Beaulac has been the style strategist and secret weapon of prominent executives, entrepreneurs and change agents.

Audrey’s lifelong depth of style sense goes beyond simply following trends to instead create an intimate connection between her clients and their wardrobes. As a highly sought after Style Strategist, her focus is on creating a cohesive collection that gets to the root of your ultimate goal – your authenticity personified.

Audrey shows us how to start identifying your style, and the ways to gain awareness around certain fashion triggers. Creating your own wardrobe story can be energizing because when you’re in harmony with your personal appearance and how you feel, it can lead to having more power and bravery in your life.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • Why it’s so hard for many of us to figure out our own style [3:10]
  • Who Audrey serves and helps now and how she got her start with fashion and style [4:05]
  • What our work attire could be telling us [7:20]
  • How she uses questions to help drill down to the essence of someone’s style [8:15]
  • What is a “style signature” how it can give you more power [12:25]
  • Color basics and what to consider when choosing what to wear [14:55]
  • Where people are going wrong with their fashion [18:57]
  • Why men too can struggle to develop a style [22:40]
  • What our style says to others and why it’s so much more than just the clothes we wear or how we style our hair [23:30]
  • The next steps to take in your own fashion journey [29:45]
  • How success has a look that is available at any price point [32:42]

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Resources Mentioned:

Audrey’s Signature Style Guide

Her Book, The Profile Workbook: A Systematized Way To Identify Your Personal Style


“I think it is really hard to find our own style because there’s so much information out there, but so little of it has to do with the individual.” [3:14]

“If we’re wearing things that don’t feel like us, we could be in the wrong career.” [7:28]

“I think when we connect with our clothing and what we’re wearing, it fortifies us not to listen to those messages because we feel good. We feel empowered, and we feel triggered by the confidence of connecting.” [11:15]

“You want the freedom to express yourself because you’ve earned it.” [13:04]

“If you work a color palette, you’ll have more interchangeability throughout your whole wardrobe.” [18:34]

“Men are starting to deal with some of the same problems that women do. They’re becoming size-conscious and they’re starting to really notice the effects of wearing something that doesn’t have the comfort level that they’re used to.” [22:57]

“When you have a cohesive look, you’re harmonious to look at, and people will keep their eyes on you longer. They’ll be more interested in you.” [24:20]

“Clothing should be a great frame, but we still have to be the ones that come out. We should be ahead of the clothing, it shouldn’t be all about that.” [24:43]

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