Marc Mawhinney joins Kathy Caprino in today’s episode of Finding Brave to explore 5 damaging myths that new coaches and entrepreneurs suffer from. Known as the coach for coaches, Marc is a lifelong entrepreneur who’s on a mission to help coaches build successful businesses. He achieves this with his coaching programs, his podcast, Natural Born Coaches; his Facebook group The Coaching Jungle, and his exclusive print newsletter – Secret Coach Club.

In this eye-opening, straight-talking conversation, Marc and Kathy discuss the entrepreneurial challenges of perfectionism, following faulty “guru” advice, pricing mistakes, niche development, excessive planning, and more. Marc’s advice doesn’t just apply to coaches — all new entrepreneurs who are committed to success while making a positive impact in their work will gain important strategies and tips for success.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • Why entrepreneurship may or may not be right for you [4:04]
  • What the “perfectionist trap” is all about and how it’s holding so many people back [13:05]
  • The reason why the advice of the “gurus” may not necessarily apply to your own situation – and what Marc would do now if he was starting over [17:50]
  • How the coaching industry has evolved and what you really need to look for [25:27]
  • The challenges and struggles that have shaped Marc [26:25]
  • Who Marc wants to work with (and why you don’t have to (and shouldn’t try to) help everyone) [27:52]
  • What people are afraid of when it comes to niching down [32:05]
  • His thoughts on pricing and a powerful lesson on charging what you’re worth [34:25]
  • The one thing to do right now to get started with your business [39:05]

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Resources mentioned in this podcast:

Marc Mawhinney’s programs:

Podcasts: Natural Born Coaches & The Marc Mawhinney Show

Facebook Group, The Coaching Jungle

Marc’s Monthly Print Newsletter, Secret Coach Club

Kathy’s appearance on Natural Born Coaches

Other resources:

Marc’s appearance on John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur on Fire

Kathy’s Amazing Career Coach Certification Program and private coaching program

Kathy’s Prosperity Marketing coaching program

Kathy’s Forbes blog “Career Bliss


Thick Face, Black Heart by Ching-Ning Chu

The Go-Giver by Bob Burg

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Tribe of Mentors, The 4-Hour Workweek & Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss


“It’s easy to technically say that you’re an entrepreneur and jump out there, but you and I know that there’s a lot more (to it) than just that.” [4:54]

“Anyone who expects to come in and work four hours, or even 40 hours a week, you’re probably mistaken. You’re going to have to work a lot harder than that.” [5:39]

“If you’re in the mushy middle you won’t get anybody criticizing you, but you’re not going to get people standing up for you either, so you’re always better to polarize.” [11:02]

“Unfortunately I see way too many coaches and online entrepreneurs using planning as an excuse to not take action.” [14:14]

“You can’t get attached to every single prospect that enters into your line of sight.” [30:02]



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