“We’ve made a social contract to come into this organization, however, contracts can be broken. Whichever direction it gets broken, we have to take the responsibility and either take care of ourselves and get out of it, or help fix it. There’s really very little in between, and we’re not supposed to see how much crap we can take.” – Andrea Goeglein

Asking for help, especially in the workplace, often feels like we’re waving a neon sign of weakness. However, today’s expert guest — who literally wrote the book on being brave regarding asking for help —  explains how asking for the right kind of assistance is essential to reducing stress, positively impacting our results and building a foundation for strong relationships.

Dr. Andrea Goeglein has a fascinating personal and professional story, complete with important and powerful lessons learned, starting with what she realized after altering the truth of her age (of 14) to land a job at a Wall Street brokerage firm.  By 24, she opened her first operating business – a Haagen-Dazs ice cream store in Reno, Nevada. Many businesses and a PhD in Organizational Psychology later, Andrea has experienced enough stress and anxiety to be an expert.

Today she is a Success Catalyst and known as Dr. Success™.  Andrea is the founder, curator and author of the Don’t Die™ self-development collection of books.  Her latest book is Don’t Die Waiting to Be Brave. As an expert in Applied Positive Psychology, she is her clients’ success Sherpa, guiding them as they climb the mountain of success.

In today’s Finding Brave you’ll not only know when to ask for help, but who to ask and how to do it in order to flourish in your professional life. The choice to ask for help is ours, and we will create even more bravery and success when we know how much choice we really have.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • Why Andrea says that asking for help has been a natural iteration for her [3:08]
  • The reason that work was a salvation for her from a very early age [8:00]
  • How women can ask questions without damaging the perception of competence [12:50]
  • Examples of how we can ask for help as a way to reduce stress [15:54]
  • A piece of wisdom from Andrea that transcends all human relationships [23:50]
  • Her tips for having braving conversations and one crucial technique that everyone should know how to use [25:30]
  • How to tell if you are working in a toxic culture and what to do if you find yourself in one [28:50]
  • Who to seek out in your organization to give you help [38:10]
  • Practical steps to take today to start getting help in your life [44:05]

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Resources Mentioned:

Andrea’s Don’t Die™ Book Series & Free E-Books

Her Latest Book, Don’t Die Waiting to Be Brave

Andrea’s Live Gatherings, Free Online Courses & Online Learning

Breakdown, Breakthrough: The Professional Woman’s Guide to Claiming a Life of Passion, Power and Purpose

Kathy’s Forbes Interview with Andrea, How To Alleviate Your Stress And Ask For Help Without Appearing Weak

Books by Dr. Phil McGraw


“I have walked this path the hard way, both academically and in life.” [4:34]

“I have spent my entire life helping myself and others appreciate what achievement in business can do for them as part of their healthy self-image.” [8:18]

“Every time you take a step towards that authenticity, somehow or other, you have asked for help.” [10:56]

“Organizations hold out the hope that you can live to be who they know you should be, versus who you are showing up as at that moment.” [21:30]

“At this moment in time we are at a pinnacle of evolution in how corporations are behaving.” [41:30]

“We are human beings. We do progress if we stay in the conversation and not make it about us, but about the greater good of what we are creating.” [42:07]

“We will find brave when we know how much choice we really have.” [43:47]

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