“Why should somebody invest their money and their time in working with you, as opposed to someone else? There always has to be your own personal brand and your own personal strategy behind everything that you do, and it has to be consistent.” – Sean Patrick

Today’s Finding Brave guest pulls back the curtain on what’s keeping coaches, consultants and practitioners from generating greater financial rewards, and as a result, the impact they really want to create.

Sean Patrick is a high-ticket sales closer and LinkedIn Lead Gen Expert, and a coach at heart. He is the Founder of Founder of Truth™, a private partnership designed to accelerate the sales results of a select group of online coaches. On an application only basis, Sean personally closes qualified, inbound leads for high ticket services, on a 100% performance basis.

His closing methodology blends applications of advanced psychology, luxury selling, coaching, and peak performance to arrive at one thing – the truth that’s hidden deep in the subconscious minds of your coaching prospects. He works to uncover the concepts and principles that influence potential clients’ decisions to invest in themselves and to show up consistently in a coaching or consulting program, with unwavering commitment to excellence.

His goal is to elevate his clients’ coaching practices to unprecedented levels, while giving them the time and clarity to focus exclusively on delivering transformational value to their clients.

Sean shares the common limiting beliefs that hold coaches and consultants back financially, and provides practical strategies that you can implement starting today to enhance your closing results immediately.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • How closing differs from just selling, in Sean’s view [4:04]
  • What Sean defines as a “high-ticket” offer and what’s holding coaches back from selling theirs [7:35]
  • Why coaches and consultants must understand their ideal target market and have a clear marketing strategy before trying to sell a high-ticket product [9:15]
  • How Sean helps coaches understand how they differ from others in their field – and the exact questions he uses to do this [13:40]
  • Why so many coaches and consultants hesitate to “niche down” [16:26]
  • Sean’s thoughts on money and why the subject needs to be talked about, not ignored [29:49]
  • How objections can be used as an opportunity to explore your own mindset blocks and beliefs [31:39]

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“The truth is that there are a lot of outdated sales methods that don’t necessarily work in the digital age, in the 21st century, where it’s all about authenticity and deep connection.” [4:27]

“People buy on emotion, and they don’t buy on logic. It’s very difficult to get into somebody’s emotion if you’re talking the whole time. Whoever asks the questions, controls the sale.” [5:20]

“Your price is a metric of the way that you look at your value, and the value of your program.” [8:04]

“Once you’re clear on why you’re doing something and what your bigger purpose is, then you’re able to distill that into words that are relevant to whomever you wish to target.” [14:10]

“You can never outperform your own self-image.” [19:18]

“I actually love objections, because they’re a window into how I can improve as a closer, and how I can improve as an individual.” [31:50]

“Money earned is a byproduct of value created. It’s very simple.” [35:05]


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