“Imitating these people, or trying to be these people, does not and should not equal being inspired by these people. Because if we can be inspired by these people and pull some of those qualities, characteristics and best practices that they’ve got, and apply them with a slight tweak to who we are and what we’re trying to do, that’s where the innovation starts.” – Eric Termuende

Like many people, you may find yourself wanting the life that someone else may have, and look to imitate or emulate that person to get to where he or she is today. Is that the right thing to do though? Today’s inspiring guest on Finding Brave is going to explain why this is the wrong approach to take, and what we should do instead.

Eric Termuende is the co-founder of NoW Innovations, a bestselling author, and an international speaker. His work has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Thrive Global, the Huffington Post, Globe and Mail, and other top media platforms. Eric was recognized as a Top 100 Emerging Innovator under 35 globally by American Express, is a TEDx speaker, and represented Canada at the G20 Summit.

Eric is a thought leader on optimizing workplace culture, the future of work, and engagement in the workplace. He provides key actionable takeaways on how companies can drive engagement through connection and trust.

Eric dispels generational groupings to re-humanize and gain more out of the workforce. Having given nearly 200 presentations, he goes beyond diversity and inclusion to help audiences understand people and patterns in order to optimize the workplace. He is the author of a new bestselling book, Rethink Work.

Eric is an amazing young leader whose wisdom and thoughts around leadership will inspire you want to be yourself, because it’s often what we aren’t that will differentiate us the most on our journey.  

Highlights from this Episode:

  • Today’s Finding Brave Tip on making you “right” and not “wrong” [1:41]
  • Where we go wrong when wanting to imitate others by not being our true self [6:19]
  • Why Eric feels the American Dream never existed, but rather what takes its place instead [8:01]
  • How inspiration from others, and not imitation, can lead to innovation [9:06]
  • Why what we aren’t can be more powerful that what we are [12:46]
  • Who we should be comparing ourselves to [14:26]
  • What slowing down will ultimately allow us to do and how Eric puts this into practice in his life [15:41]
  • The two things that he believes we need most today in the world and why [18:19]
  • Whether or not we should be actively pursuing our passions and what Eric defines as real success [19:31]
  • The reason we need to consider relativity when assessing situations [28:24]
  • The biggest mistakes businesses of all sizes are making in leadership [31:31]
  • How to create a sense of belonging in an organization [39:01]

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Resources Mentioned:

Eric’s Book, Rethink Work: Finding & Keeping the Right Talent

Kathy’s Career Path Self-Assessment

Brené Brown’s TED Talk, The Power of Vulnerability

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen R. Covey


“On an individual, corporate and leadership level, we often tell people or show people what either they want to see, or what would reflect most positively on us.” [7:20]

“In a world that’s busier than it ever has been before, successful to me is different than successful to you.” [8:02]

“When we try and be everything to everyone, we ultimately become nothing to anyone. What I think we’re missing on the individual and on the organizational level is that the things that we are not ultimately make us what we are.” [11:59]

“The more that you understand that you are ok with blazing your own trailing and finding brave in your way, the better off not only you’ll be, but the world around you will be too.” [14:22]

“There’s no problem you can’t solve when you take the time to be empathetic and curious.” [18:44]

“We’re spending so much time chasing happiness, that we don’t realize happiness along the way.” [20:30]

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