Avril McDonald, award-winning author of the Feel Brave book series and founder of Feel Brave, joins Kathy to discuss how we can move forward to launch our big creative idea into the world with tremendous success.

From the early age of 8, Avril experienced anxiety and panic attacks, and felt very alone in understanding what it was and how to deal with it. Later in life, after becoming a teacher and witnessing the pervasiveness of anxiety in young children, Avril developed a heartfelt vision to provide all children around the world with access to effective tools to help them manage tough emotions and reach their highest potential.  

Her books are now being translated into many languages, and she’s working with one of the world’s largest global broadcasters on a new animated series. Further, she’s launching a pilot program with schools around the world to integrate Feel Brave strategies into schools every day and help children effectively address their fears and gain the strength and resilience to thrive.

Join us as we talk about:

  1. How to ask for help in moving forward with your big vision
  2. How knowing your values and aligning your work with your authentic values dramatically impacts your success
  3. How to push past doubts and keep going with your big idea in the face of challenges 
  4. Top 3 tips for giving birth to the BIG idea inside of you
  5. The bravest thing Avril has ever done and how it impacted her life

Highlights from this Episode

  • Where Avril gets her passion from [3:30] and quite literally how she “birthed” her idea for a book series into reality [6:33]
  • Why her work is just as healing for parents and teachers as it is for children [8:32]
  • The biggest lessons Avril has learned in her journey to bring turn her stories into an animated series [9:18]
  • The two archetypes that she is associating with that are helping her recognize her own triggers [11:32]
  • Avril’s 3 tips for giving birth to that idea you have inside of you – plus one big bonus tip from me [17:41]
  • Why parents can’t really change their children until they do the same for themselves [19:05]
  • The bravest thing that Avril herself has ever done [24:32]

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Connect with Avril:

FB: /FeelBraveLtd
Twitter: @Feel_brave
LinkedIn: /AvrilMcDonald
Instagram: /feelbrave

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I grew up with anxiety. I had my first panic attack when I was 8 years old, and I still have anxiety. It doesn’t go (away).” [3:41]

“I’m a really creative person, so I found a place where I could creatively sit and serve the world that was sort of aligning everything: all of my personal experiences and my passions.” [4:16]

“There’s a taboo about death, and I think death and change is the one thing that we really need to be talking about most.” [8:17]

“I’ve been going through a massive emotional healing shift myself through some of the work I’m doing, and the writing process is so good for that.” [11:08]

“Understand your values and make sure what you’re doing is authentically aligned to who you are” [18:02]

Photo Credit: Fran Hales Photography



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