How do you get people to buy what you’re selling? In this episode of Finding Brave, marketing consultant and behavioral expert Leslie Zane reveals why traditional persuasion tactics often fall short when growing a business, selling an idea, or building your personal brand.

Leslie is an award-winning marketer, TEDx speaker, the Founder and CEO of the behavioral science-based firm, Triggers Brand Consulting, and the author of the groundbreaking new book, The Power of Instinct: The New Rules of Business and Persuasion.

Tuning in, you’ll learn to challenge conventional wisdom in business and brand building, rethink outdated rules that assume the conscious mind drives our decisions, and discover how to work with the hidden mind rather than against it. Leslie also uncovers the messages that create the most positive associations, explains why relying on existing customers is a trap, and discusses why emotional stories aren’t enough to drive long-term brand loyalty, plus so much more!

If you want to tap into the hidden brain where instinct prevails and create a powerful network of connections that drive people to buy your product, company, or vision, this episode is for you!

Key Highlights From This Episode:

  • What Leslie means when she says that human beings are unpersuadable. [03:29]
  • How to drive growth faster by using new rules that work with the unconscious mind. [05:34]
  • Techniques for tapping into the “hidden brain” and recruiting new customers. [11:31]
  • Reasons that a purpose-oriented approach is too one-dimensional. [19:20]
  • Different ways that marketing has had to adapt to an ever-evolving consumer base. [21:50]
  • The Brand Connectome; why a brand is like a seed that grows in people’s minds. [24:24]
  • Some of the most common marketing mistakes that businesses make. [30:50]
  • What Growth Triggers are and how they can create positive brand associations. [37:08]


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“What I’ve learned is that you can’t persuade people to do anything. What you can do is take another route.” — @Leslie_Zane [0:04:50]

“There’s only two audiences that matter: the people you have and the people you don’t.” — @Leslie_Zane [0:14:48]

“It’s about connecting with your audience on the basis of shared memories, shared values, shared associations, and using those as an onramp for what you want to get across.” — @Leslie_Zane [0:23:27]

“The more connections that I have with a person, the stronger our relationship becomes. It’s the same thing with building brands.” — @Leslie_Zane [0:30:42]

“This is like a game of Monopoly. Whoever owns the most physical terrain in the brain wins. Brands have physicality. They have pathways, and you want your brand to have as many pathways as possible.” — @Leslie_Zane [0:39:32]

“The fantasy alone won’t do it, but if there’s enough pragmatic additional support for how you will [help your audience] get that fantasy, that’s a pretty darn good approach because we’re all aspirational creatures.” — @Leslie_Zane [0:43:15]

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