During this episode, Dr. Judy Ho joins us to unpack key concepts from her newly published book, The New Rules of Attachment. Judy is a triple board-certified and licensed clinical and forensic neuropsychologist, a tenured associate professor at Pepperdine University, television and podcast host, and published author. Among her numerous professional pursuits, she conducts neuropsychological and psychodiagnostic evaluations, serves as an expert witness in legal cases, conducts clinical research, provides expert commentary to media, and is a sought-after public speaker.

Join us as we unpack the four attachment styles, and learn how they are formed and ways in which they influence the quality of our relationships and our lives. Judy also shares key key information about how we can begin to unravel the early experiences that have shaped our core beliefs and relational patterns today.

As Judy shares:
“If you don’t go into the past to understand why you formed these patterns in the first place, you’re just going to be continuing to be in the same cycle over and over again.”

We also explore powerful mindset and behavioral shifts to empower parents, and Judy shares helpful affirmations that anyone can implement to change their self-talk.

Join us for an instrumental and hopeful conversation filled with valuable insights to help you heal and grow, in your life, career and relationships.

Key Highlights From This Episode:

  • Welcome and introduction to Dr. Judy Ho and the premise of her healing work. [02:33]
  • What we learn from our first relational experiences and how they define our approach to relationships as an adult. [08:02]
  • Misconceptions about attachment and how to approach healing as an adult. [11:41]
  • Hallmarks of the four attachment styles and a practical strategy to work with them. [16:40]
  • Negative repercussions of the beliefs associated with anxious and avoidant attachment styles. [21:47]
  • How a disorganized attachment style forms and the implications for adult life. [27:15]
  • [30:10]
  • Affirmations to emulate the self-talk of a securely attached person. [31:00]
  • How to approach parenting with mindfulness to support children to form a secure attachment approach. [30:10]


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Dr. Judy Ho’s Latest Book, The New Rules of Attachment



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“If you don’t go into the past to understand why you formed these patterns in the first place, you’re just going to be continuing to be in the same cycle over and over again.” — @drjudyho [0:05:30]

“Attachment at its most basic level is that first emotional connection you have with the people who generally are responsible for taking care of you and meeting your needs on a consistent and regular basis.” — @drjudyho [0:08:00]

“The truth is, you can heal your attachment at any point of your life.” — @drjudyho [0:12:39]

“The securely attached person doesn’t just have the perfect life – that’s ridiculous! They have problems just like everyone else, but they tend to have a healthy and stable self-concept, and they’re more confident to navigate life’s challenges.” — @drjudyho [0:30:23]

“Really adhering to your highest values in parenting is the most important piece.” — @drjudyho [0:33:51]

“Your child does not expect you to have all the answers. What your child does want and desire [is] that you are in their experience with them.” — @drjudyho [0:34:19]

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