We are joined today by Hope Paterson, a global nomad, mother of two, education innovation specialist, and transformation coach. For two decades, Hope has been developing what she calls the Hope triangle: electrifying pathways for humans of all ages working at the intersection of education, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

As a coach Hope is steadfast and supportive, walking alongside others as they move from old to new. She is also the founder of Hope Braintrust, a global think tank that hosts live events and collaborations. Her growing online network, the Hope Sparks Network, is a vibrant intergenerational community where people of all ages can connect to share their knowledge and experience.

In today’s conversation with Hope, we learn how to embrace more bravery in our lives before delving into the concept of finding intergenerational allies. She shares how she first learned to flex her bravery muscles as a young girl, how her many years as an entrepreneur helped her build a network of brilliant individuals from across the world, and why she was determined to be the hopeful glue that brought them together.

Hope also gives listeners her advice on how to put together and run an intergenerational advisory board, the type of individuals who are typically drawn to these communities, and why listening to your community members is essential. Join us today as we engage in a thought-provoking discussion on the power of global, intergenerational connections and the vital role these collectives play in growth, change, and transformation!


Key Points From This Episode:

• An introduction to today’s guest, Hope Paterson. [02:32]

• How Hope first found her bravery and the influence her parents had on her outlook. [05:18]

• Hope’s history as an entrepreneur and the concept of intergenerational communities. [16:46]

• How she established the Hope Braintrust. [18:29]

• What it means to create a non-corporate, loving space to explore what is possible. [21:28]

• Traits Hope typically sees in people drawn to intergenerational support communities. [23:33]

• The power of sharing experiences and knowledge in intergenerational communities. [27:50]

• How to put together and run your own intergenerational advisory board. [31:37]

• Hope’s parting words of advice and where to find her online. [36:44]


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Hope Paterson

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Hope Braintrust

Hope Sparks Network


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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Key Quotes:

“I was really fortunate to have a family and a culture around me that encouraged [making] brave choices. And so I started to flex what I call my bravery muscles.” — @Hopescott [0:06:35]

“I’m a huge believer in how much our belief in ourselves [and] our [beliefs] about the world gets forged in the first seven years of our lives.” — @Hopescott [0:09:50]

“I started to think ‘I’m sitting on a goldmine of amazing humans, who don’t know each other, [who] are from different cultures and different age groups, different generations. How can I be the bridge? How can I be the translator, the hopeful glue?’” — @Hopescott [0:18:29]

“I always start my events out saying ‘This is a non-corporate loving space for you to explore what’s possible.’” — @Hopescott [0:21:28]

“Speak to kind, gentle people to begin with, because it might be a bit awkward and clunky. And then you can move out to the bold connections that might be harder to reach.” — @Hopescott [0:33:29]

“By asking them, [and] by listening, I get to focus more on what they really want, and less on what I think they want.” — @Hopescott [0:36:14]


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