It’s been proven that playing competitive sports continues to contribute significantly to the success and leadership growth that women experience in later life and in their careers. Joining me to share her first-hand insights and key observations from her own career and from recent important research on this topic, is Lara Abrash, Chair of Deloitte US, the largest professional services organization in the United States.

Originally drawn in by Deloitte’s social impact contributions, Lara began her time with the company 30 years ago, having held various leadership positions including Chair and Chief Executive Officer at Deloitte and Touche LLP. Working alongside over 170,000 professionals, Lara leads the Board of Directors with a purpose-driven mission to see diversity and inclusion at every level.

To kick off the conversation, we dive into Deloitte’s pivotal study on the relationship between girls and women in competitive sports and leadership in the workplace later on in life. Lara shares her own experiences of playing softball, baseball, and tennis, revealing the essential skills she learned along the way.

Next, we delve into the power of sports to foster skills development that women often don’t have the opportunity to develop elsewhere. We also discuss whether or not there is a place for emotional vulnerability in the workplace, and what changes when leaders are honest about their experiences. Join us today to hear all this and more!

Key Highlights From This Episode:

• Introducing Lara Abrash, and her 30-year background leading up to her role as Chair of Deloitte US. [02:21]

• Deloitte’s history supporting female leadership and men’s and women’s sports. [04:00]

• Surveying the relationship between girls and women in competitive sports and leadership in the workplace. [05:14]

• Lara’s early experiences playing competitive sports and how they shaped her. [07:56]

• How sports encourage players to develop self-mastery, confidence, and teamwork. [11:16]

• Why women often lack the necessary knowledge and skills to be recognized for their abilities. [17:49]

• The important role of human connection, vulnerability, empathy, and compassion. [21:57]

• How Deloitte fosters a sense of safety and belonging in the workplace. [25:29]

For More Information:

Lara Abrash on LinkedIn

Lara Abrash on X

Deloitte US

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“I’m a big believer in integrating work and life and finding things that give you energy.” — @AbrashLara [0:09:13]

“When a woman has confidence that she can bring the knowledge, that she can do something, I see a different outcome.” — @AbrashLara [0:12:24]

“Teamwork is an equation for being a great leader.” — @AbrashLara [0:12:53]

“You need to be, not only doing great work, but you need to be promoting yourself.” — @AbrashLara [0:18:32]

“Be you, be vulnerable, but do it in a professional way.” — @AbrashLara [0:24:21]

“If you put the best interests of your organization first, you’ll make all the right decisions.” — @AbrashLara [0:24:32]

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