In a society that constantly pushes us to do more, achieve more, and be more, how do we ensure that we’re not running on empty, or worse – experiencing debilitating physical, emotional and mental symptoms of stress? Joining us today to help unpack this complex topic is  Dr. Neha Sangwan, who went from working on the frontlines of healthcare as a hospital emergency room physician, to becoming a key voice on burnout as an entrepreneur, author, and speaker.

Her transformative new book Powered by Me: From Burned Out to Fully Charged at Work and in Life, was inspired by her own experiences as a young hospital physician when circumstances forced her to navigate the difficulties of extreme burnout. She is also the founder and CEO of Intuitive Intelligence Inc., where she combines the science of medicine with the art of communication to transform workplace cultures.

In our conversation, Neha opens up about her life-altering experience with burnout, the impact it had on her, and how it reshaped her entire perspective on life and work. We delve into the complex nature of burnout, why it’s different for every individual, and explore the cultural, systemic, and personal dimensions of burnout.

We also discuss our values as a society, why Neha believes burnout is a global epidemic and reflect on what would be needed to address our collective mental health crisis and return to equilibrium. If you’re interested in learning more about how to balance the relentless pace of modern life with genuine self-care, this is a conversation you won’t want to miss. Tune in for Neha’s invaluable insights and take that crucial step towards reclaiming your well-being!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • The life-altering experience that compelled Neha to write about burnout. [05:20]
  • Learning to understand why burnout is such a complicated issue: the impact of culture, systemic factors, and trauma. [19:21]
  • Why it can be so challenging for experts to be vulnerable and ask for help. [21:01]
  • How moments of crisis can shift our perspective and equip us to better help others. [22:10]
  • What it’s like to undergo a paradigm shift; an overview of the five levels of agreement and how to make the transition from insight to personal accountability. [25:57]
  • A breakdown of the three pieces of burnout: me, we, and the world. [32:40]
  • Key factors that are contributing to our collective mental health crisis. [40:55]
  • Our outward focus as a society and the opportunity we have to invest in ourselves and come back into balance. [45:51]
  • How to assess where you are on the spectrum from burnout to fully charged. [48:24]


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Other resources mentioned in this episode:
The Joy Luck Club

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“In one hour, I went from running the hospital to standing in line at the pharmacy as a patient on medical leave waiting for my medication.” — @doctorneha [0:08:52]

“Sometimes, burnout’s not something we recognize, because we’re so in it. That’s why as a society, as a community, as those we love and lead, we really need to be able to say something. We need to say, are you okay?” — @doctorneha [0:11:13]

“Burnout is a very complicated issue. – I would call it our own global epidemic that’s going on. But I think when people think about it, they simplify it and then they don’t understand why that’s not the complete picture.” — @doctorneha [0:19:30]

I felt like a complete and utter failure. Why are all my colleagues – handling it? They’re still working. How can I be the one that isn’t? – I think it was a bit of pride, I think it was a bit of shock. I think it was a paradigm I had never even entertained, thought of, or imagined.” — @doctorneha [0:25:57]

“Everything we’re doing is about speeding up the external world. And I think that we have simultaneously tuned out of our own internal system.” — @doctorneha [0:42:05]

“What if it’s not profit over people? And all these things we’re taught about success aren’t actually true. What if it’s people? Everybody matters, and everybody wins. What if investing in your people, is how you make a greater profit?” — @doctorneha [0:44:00]


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