Relationship expert, trainer, speaker, and author Dr. Eric FitzMedrud uses his wide-ranging expertise to teach men how to hone their consent skills for stronger relationships and more fulfilling intimacy, and also has witnessed how consent enhances connection, reward, respect and fulfillment in work and organizational settings as well. 

As a therapist committed to helping people live more meaningful, connected lives, Eric wrote the book The Better Man: A Guide to Consent, Stronger Relationships, and Hotter Sex to offer much-needed tools for instruction, healing, and growth. As you’ll discover in this episode, these tools can assist us in nearly all aspects of our lives. 

Today on Finding Brave, Eric paints a clearer picture of consent-driven leadership, highlights some of the systemic barriers that hinder the creation and growth of a consent culture at work, and delves into the emotional responses that often make the word “no” so difficult to hear and accept and what to do to shift that. 

We also touch on the important role of curiosity, open dialogue, vulnerability, and more. For a broader view of consent and how it can help you build deeper connections and mutual respect in life and work, be sure to tune in today!


Key Highlights From This Episode: 

  •   How toxic masculinity negatively impacts men, not just women and others. [03:55]
  •   What consent is and why many of us lack the skills to communicate our needs. [08:10]
  •   The biggest problems that men have with consent in their intimate relationships. [14:29]
  •   Why receiving a “no” can be so difficult to deal with, the role of curiosity, and how to empower yourself using the things within your control. [17:00]
  •   The importance of (re)examining unconscious assumptions in relationship contracts. [24:11]
  •   How to ask better questions and encourage participation in consent conversations at home and at work. [30:40]
  •   A look at what consent-based leadership looks like and why open dialogue is crucial. [35:52]
  •   An invitation to add to and share your takeaways from this conversation with us! [42:53]


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“Consent is the process of using our communication skills to deliver the love that’s in our heart, to deliver positive intentions for connection – and also to telegraph what our needs are so that people are empowered to give us what we need.” — @drericfitz [0:08:19]

“Managing [our] emotions is a foundational principle underneath the scaffolding of consent conversations.” — @drericfitz [0:16:28]

“‘No’ can mean a lot of different things but often, when we lean into our emotional response, it feels like rejection even when it isn’t.” — @drericfitz [0:17:45]

“When we are living a multi-dimensional, thriving life, the desperation to get this one particular domain from this one particular person shifts. It becomes something we want to offer instead of something we’re trying to get.” — @drericfitz [0:22:05]

“When things move too fast, there can be a systemic barrier to the process of giving and maintaining the consent process or consent culture at work.” — @drericfitz [0:40:17]

“We need to work with each other to build a conversation of consent.” — @drericfitz [0:43:36]


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