Today’s guest, Peter Shankman, is a prime example of what happens when you harness the positive aspects of ADHD (and other types of neurodiversity) for your personal benefit. When he was formally diagnosed in his mid-30s, Peter had already founded and sold two companies and realized that the traits that previously labeled him as “troublesome” were actually his greatest assets. Following the sale of his third company, Help a Reporter Out, Peter made it a priority to truly comprehend his “faster brain” and discover its full potential.

With his Faster Than Normal podcast and bestselling book of the same name, Peter has become a leading voice on ADHD, inspiring others to embrace their untapped potential. As a futurist at BluShark Digital and Price Benowitz LLP, Peter drives innovation to better serve clients. He continues to empower individuals to surpass society’s limitations through his various platforms.

In this episode, Peter joins us to discuss neurodiversity, his new children’s book The Boy with the Faster Brain, and his personal journey with ADHD. He opens up about his childhood struggles with being neurodiverse and the connection between ADHD, procrastination, and the subsequent feelings of shame and humiliation.

Tuning in today, you’ll hear Peter’s thoughts on society’s flawed and outdated norms as well as ways to create a neurodiverse-friendly environment as a company or a manager. You’ll also hear Peter’s transformative advice to parents, teachers, and authority figures and what he wants every child to know, about themselves and about the world around them. To find out how having a brain that is different can be your ultimate gift, tune in today!


Key Highlights From This Episode: 

  • An introduction to Peter Shankman, his career, and his ADHD diagnosis. [02:07]
  • Why he decided to write his new children’s book and what he experienced in his childhood. [04:02]
  • ADHD as it relates to procrastination and the resulting shame. [08:29]
  • Thoughts on why society’s norms are so often based on outdated ideas, beliefs and approaches and how that hurts us.  [11:24]
  • The value of diverting resources towards mental health in the workplace and how that positively impacts everyone. [13:43]
  • How to become a neurodiverse-friendly company or boss. [16:56].
  • Challenges that Peter has identified in the workplace in terms of accommodating the neurodiverse. [21:24]
  • What Peter wants every child to understand. [24:09]
  • Thoughts on whether or not neurodiverse women face more challenges than neurodiverse men. [25:26]
  • What Peter wants parents, teachers, and authority figures to do differently. [26:04]



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Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: 

Peter Shankman’s podcast: Faster Than Normal

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Peter Shankman’s children’s book: The Boy with the Faster Brain



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“I didn’t want any kid to grow up today with the same shitty existence I had growing up.” — @petershankman [0:04:04]

“I had [people telling me] ’You could do so much better if you’d just apply yourself’ I’m like, ‘What the hell do you think I’m doing every day?’” — @petershankman [0:04:57]

“I wrote the book because I want kids to understand that they’re not broken and they’re gifted and they just need to understand how to use their brain in a different way.” — @petershankman [0:06:56]

“Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion can not just be skin-deep. It’s wonderful that you’ve hired a certain amount of people of color, that’s great, but it’s not where it ends.” — @petershankman [0:17:01]

“Every single study out there shows that creativity is boosted by bringing in the neurodiverse and making it a neurodiverse-centric workplace.” — @petershankman [0:17:16]

“I want [kids] to know they’re not broken, I want them to know that the trouble they’re having right now is twofold; it’s because they haven’t learned to use their brain the way that works for them and the second reason is they’re not allowed to.” — @petershankman [0:24:09]


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