Humans are spiritual beings but unfortunately, because we are so influenced by external factors, many of us have become disconnected from our spiritual selves. This results in people making life and career choices that do not align with their core values or purpose, which is causing a great deal of suffering. Today’s inspiring guest, Joseph Holt, is on a mission to help people make work (and life) decisions that allow them to live their lives in a way that is true to their core values, ideals and beliefs.

Joe has held an amazingly diverse range of jobs throughout the course of his life, from gym teacher to Jesuit priest to stock broker to corporate attorney, to today where he is living out his calling as a professor at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business teaching spirituality, ethics, gender equity, and negotiations courses.

In this episode, Joe delves into the 7 Recommended Practices for Being Your Spiritual Best Self at Work that he has developed, which include: 

  • Set yourself up for spiritual success
  • Determine whether you need to see your current work differently or do different work
  • Be alert for opportunities to be your spiritual best self
  • Choose your work (and life) friends wisely
  • Be as committed to your spiritual well-being as you are to your physical well-being
  • Monitor your spiritual progress (or regress!) with special attention to impact
  • Listen most of all to the quiet inner voice that guides you at your best.


Joe shares that “Morality is the public face of your spirituality,” so tune in today to hear how you can strengthen the link between these two vitally important facets of your life and take new, enlivening steps to find long-lasting meaning and fulfillment in your work. 

Key Highlights From This Episode:

  • Introducing Joseph (Joe) Holt, former Jesuit priest and current professor at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business. [02:36]
  • The most common regret that people have at the end of their lives and how you can avoid being one of those people. [05:33]
  • Questions to ask yourself to set yourself up for spiritual success in the workplace. [15:12]
  • The value of learning to be at peace with not knowing exactly what you want to do with your life. [18:42]
  • Examples of how you can change your approach to your work to make it more meaningful to you. [21:18]
  • How your workplace can provide you with opportunities to be the best version of yourself. [24:45]
  • Why the people you surround yourself with are an influential part of your personal spiritual journey. [28:43]
  • The transformative power of incorporating spiritual practices (however this speaks to you) into your daily life. [36:25]
  • An exercise to strengthen the link between your morality (the way you conduct yourself in the world) and your spirituality (your belief system). [40:29]
  • How to connect with your inner voice. [48:33]


For More Information:

Joseph Holt on LinkedIn


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: 

Bronnie Ware’s book, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying

The German poet, Rainer Maria Rilke

William Deresiewicz’s essay, Solitude and Leadership

Resources from Joe

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“A lot of us are unduly influenced by outside messages, many of which are not helpful.” — Joe Holt [0:12:40]

“When it comes to choosing work, am I choosing the work that is going to most engage and fulfill me or the work that is going most to impress others? Am I choosing the work that is going to be richest in meaning for me or the work that is going to pay the most?” — Joe Holt [0:16:31]

“The German poet, Rainer Maria Rilke, wrote a collection of letters to a young poet he was mentoring — and his advice was, ‘Be patient toward everything unresolved in your heart and learn to love the questions themselves.’” — Joe Holt [0:19:21]

“Questions are your friend, questions are an ally. They’re going to lead you to the place where you need to be.” — Joe Holt [0:20:02]

“The best friends we have in life encourage us to be our best selves.” — Joe Holt [0:28:43]

“When it comes to choosing what work you do or what friendships you’re in, have you planted yourself in a garden in which you can blossom to full growth?” — Joe Holt [0:32:17]


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