Taking responsibility for your emotions can take a lifetime to learn. But when you embrace the full spectrum of who you are, it allows you to connect with the world in new and profoundly meaningful ways. This is one of the many key lessons that today’s Finding Brave guest, Robb Holman is intent on sharing with the world.

Robb is a highly sought-after global keynote speaker, lover of life, and the author of three transformational leadership books, namely, Lead the Way, All In, and Move the Needle. He is often described as an eternal optimist, a characteristic that is evidenced throughout his teachings, and is passionate about serving leaders through encouragement, inspiration, and authenticity.

In our conversation, Robb provides a detailed breakdown of the concept of spiritual leadership and what we can do to cultivate it within ourselves. He unpacks how tapping into the spiritual aspect of who we are helps us connect to our higher selves and illustrates the many ways it can inspire us to do great things, both as leaders and as fellow human beings. Robb then goes on to provide five practical questions that listeners can ask themselves, at any phase of life, to help them uncover their purpose and foster spiritual leadership.

We also unpack the concept of transcending yourself to transform yourself, what we can learn from athletes when it comes to tapping into your flow state, and the power of embracing your unique identity. Join us for this inspiring conversation with Robb Holman, as he shares practical tools and insights to help you connect with your higher self and discover your purpose.


Key Highlights From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest; author, leadership developer and trainer, keynote speaker, and lover of life, Robb Holman. [01:32]
  • Robb shares the story of his abnormal tumor as a 21-year-old, his miraculous recovery, and how it changed his life. [05:16]
  • Discover the key lessons Robb learned from this intense experience. [10:58]
  • Why Robb encourages everyone to embrace the full spectrum of their emotions and vulnerabilities. [14:46]
  • Insight into why we underestimate the power of choice and human will. [19:57]
  • How Robb defines spirituality and leadership and what it means to tap into your highest self. [22:10]
  • The concept of transcending yourself to transform yourself, what we can learn from reaching a flow state, and the power of embracing your unique identity. [26:34]
  • Practical questions to ask yourself, at any season of life, to help you discover (or rediscover) what makes you unique. [30:30]
  • Identifying your legacy and how to share your gift with the world. [42:35]
  • Where you can find Robb online and connect. [50:53]


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Lead the Way: Inside Out Leadership™ Principles For Business Owners & Leaders

All In: How Impactful Teams Build Trust from the Inside Out

Move the Needle: How Inside Out Leaders Influence Organizational Culture


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“It’s like my mind was trying to play catch up with what was happening in my heart. And in that moment, I started to come alive in the depth of my being in a way I’d never come alive before.” — @robbholman [0:11:11]

“It is so easy to just bypass how we really feel. I did it for years, in the name of gratitude. You just bypass how you really feel.” — @robbholman [0:21:12]

“I really find [that] in the deepest place of who we are, that’s the spiritual place.” — @robbholman [0:23:10]

“I think people are a little bit more intuitive than they may even realize.” — @robbholman [0:23:42] 

“I want to know how I can tap into this deep place more often. I want to nurture it, I want to care for it. It’s like being a good steward of certain things.” — @robbholman [0:24:27]

“When we actually become more self-reflective, and be, not just okay, but learn to embrace the quiet times of self-reflection, meditation, and prayer, [that’s when] we start to learn, slowly but surely, how to absorb both joy and grief together.” — @robbholman [0:50:04]

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