Legacy leadership isn’t just a leadership style or a list of things to do, or showing up pretending you have all the answers. In today’s show, Gina Gomez shares her belief that truly impactful leaders don’t follow trends or pursue fame and fortune; instead, they build trust in the workplace, adhere to ethical practices, and live their legacy in the here and now.

Gina is a business advisor and strategist who has worked with leaders of multimillion-dollar companies and unions, including CBS/Viacom, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and the United Food & Commercial workers. She is also the founder of Gina Gomez and Associates, a female-led and minority-run company that hires and trains leaders and teams to perform at their best in ever-changing business environments.

For more than 20 years, Gina has helped industry leaders develop the skills they need to lead. With a proven track record ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the entertainment industry and the online business world, she teaches her clients how to create a profitable and sustainable business where everyone feels welcome, respected, and included.

In this episode, Gina defines what legacy leadership means to her and we discuss what it really takes to run a sustainable, impactful business. As you’ll learn, Gina believes that great leadership starts with integrity and identifying and adhering to your core values. Join us today to find out what actually makes a good leader versus what we often are told makes a good leader, why ethical leadership benefits everyone (including your bottom line), how to experience your true purpose, and so much more.


Key Highlights From This Episode:

  • Dispelling misconceptions about what great leadership looks like. [04:35]
  • Why you’re going in the wrong direction if you’re looking for your career to fulfill you. [08:05]
  • Why ‘integrity’ is the simplest possible definition of leadership for Gina. [09:35]
  • How you only get part of the story if you just look at the numbers. [14:35]
  • What the term ‘legacy leadership’ means to Gina and how we can create it. [15:23]
  • Major mistakes that Gina sees business leaders frequently making. [20:30]
  • What so many of us are taught good leadership is versus what actually makes a good leader! [23:02]
  • The value of change management, strong communication, and relationship building. [27:10]
  • Insight into Gina’s “accidental” career trajectory and the important role of curiosity. [32:38]


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“A lot of [leaders] are looking for significance. We think that, when we have significance, it’s going to solve all of our problems. It’s not.” — @GinaGomezAssoc [0:07:30]

“For me, [leadership] is a single word, and it’s integrity.” — @GinaGomezAssoc [0:09:50]

“If you only look at the numbers, you’re only getting part of the story. You have to look at everything. How does your team perform? What are [your measurable outcomes]? And how does that translate into your goals and return on investment?” — @GinaGomezAssoc [0:15:06]

“Legacy is what we leave behind. It’s the imprint that we leave when we’re long gone. It’s the people that we affect through the work that we do that we never, ever know about.” — @GinaGomezAssoc [0:15:33]

“It’s one of the most significant pieces of leadership that gets taught the least, and most people do not know how to do it. When you’re in a situation like this—a pandemic or anything else—if you don’t know change management, you’re in serious trouble.” — @GinaGomezAssoc [0:27:34]

“As leaders, we are constantly looking to reinvent ourselves.” — @GinaGomezAssoc [0:36:36]


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